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No it isn't always true that's why you have to be careful with how fast you move in a relationship and what mistakes are made if any you wont always know if its true, not everyone ends up with who they should be with. Those are the lonely people who sit wondering everyday what if, or wishing they could change whats in the past. Dont let anyone take advantage of you either when they say that because they could be trying to make you feel worse bettering themselves inside or in their mind that's whats true and if it isn't hopefully they will realize it and wont end up calling you sometime down the road with a sob story but honestly that's a question you need to learn yourself im just trying to make it easier.


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Q: Is it true if you were meant to be then you will be together in the future and why do people say this after breaking up with you and is it to give you hope because it just makes you feel worse?
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