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No of course not. The only was to become pregnant is if you are a girl who had sex. Then you have the possibility to become pregnant. Not by your mother's assumptions.

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In the secret life of the American teenager does Amy's mom get pregnant?

yes,right after Amy has her baby ---- TWINS! Ashley thinks the babies are her and Amy's dad's but Amy's mom thinks it's her boyfriend.

How do you ask mom is she pregnant?

"mom, are you pregnant?"

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant or are they mistaken by her mom?

She is not pregnant and her mom was pregnant at one time

Will Selena's mom get pregnant again?

No. This is because of what happened to little Scarlett. It was to much for her mom so she will not get another baby at least for now. Maybe in the future if she thinks it's a good idea. It's all up to Selena's mom.

How can you tell your mom you are pregnant?

Tell her that mom im pregnant and depending on who your mom is she'll understand.

Your friends mom is mad at you because she thinks that you got her a boyfriend but its not true what do you do?

Your BRILLIANT friend, needs to tell her/his mother, that it was their idea. Not, yours.

Can a girl have her period if she thinks she is pregnant?

If a girl thinks she is pregnant that doesn't mean that she is pregnant. A woman cannot menstruate while she is pregnant, thus if she menstruates she obviously isn't pregnant even if she thinks otherwise - although women can bleed during pregnancy this is uncommon, and not menstruation.

Why does Juliet mom thinks she is crying?

She thinks she is crying over Tybalt's death.

Was Obama's mom 17 when she was pregnant with him in early Nov before her 18th birthday in late Nov?

Obama's mom 19 when she was pregnant with him... Obama's mom was 19 when she was pregnant with him.

Is Miley's mom pregnant?

no mileys mom is not pregant

Is Chelsea fox pregnant?

Amira and Chelsea do the tests at the same time but get mixed up so Chelsea thinks she is pregnant and Amira thinks she is not. But is actually turns out that Amira is pregnant and Chelsea is not.

How do you tell people mom is pregnant?

Let you mom "announce" or tell other people she is pregnant. That is her role, not yours.

What the episode on charmed when pheobe gets pregnant with decs?

She doesn't get pregnant by him she only thinks she is.

Is it true if you have cats you can't get pregnant?

no this i not true,if you have a cat you can get pregnant if you want

Is it true that Kate Middleton can't be pregnant?

No it's not true, she can get pregnant.

Eating shrimp while pregnant?

My mom heard when she was pregnant with me is that if you eat shrimp while pregnant, your baby when she's born, will be very jumpy, energenic, and "can't sit still for long."... Well she confirmed it to be true... Cause she ended up with me.

Why do mom hamsters eat their yong?

if you touch the baby hamster's mom thinks they have a disease and eats the baby

Why is it that when your in a relationship with a man he has to hide is true self and doesn't show it up until he knows your pregnant after begging for so long o have is child?

cause he thinks he is not good ebough for you but if ur able to have sex with him now he thinks he is good enough for you

Does ariana cry?

yes and she thinks her mom is always against her

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