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No it is absolutely not true that narcisists read people correctly. Their whole modus vivendi is to make themselves look and feel grandiose by putting others down. They are very judgmental, they constatnly judge others as inferior to themselves, but worst of all is that they project all their weaknesses, insecurities, faults etc on to others, especially their partner.

Another thought from a different contributor:Im not an expert, but I've had a couple of important relationships with people who certainly appear to qualify as N's. I agree they underestimate people and belittle others; however, one factor that makes them so good at manipulating is that they quickly discern a person's vulnerabilities. Once they see what they perceive as another person's weakness, they can use that information to control. That's part of the reason they like to have a partner who is not totally confident or completely independent in personality. They see another's "weakness" as an opportunity to maneuver that person through fear and/or pain. It makes being honest with them a very risky behavior.

AnswerThe N I knew liked to boast that he could read people, and I feel he could read me in the moment he met me but I soon realized his powers were limited to quick reads only. He lacked sensitivity to subtle behaviors. And I witnessed his misinterpretation of other people's reaction to him often. He was not always correct. His recall of a person's reaction to him was not the same as what I witnessed. There was a strange disconnect.

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2011-09-13 03:12:47
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