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Yes it is true that Chris Brown who is a jerk did beat Rihanna for no reason and for your info all the people out there who like chris brown still think about this what if you were in that car with him and he beat you how would you like it???

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Do Rihanna have herbes?

No, It was a rumor about why chris brown beat her up, its not true

Is it true that Chris Brown was ordered to beat Rihanna by Jesus?

Yes, Jesus loves all his creations for the exception of Rihanna.

Did Chris Brown beat up Rhianna?

yes it is true chris brown beat up rihanna and she deserved dat shyt to cuz she could have told him dat she had herpes and dat shyt just real

What single thing does a true solution consist of?

chris brown and rihanna foreverrrr

Is chris brown mad at Rihanna?

At first, he was and then he realized that his mistake was not something good so he trys to apoligize to rihanna.(If you don't belive me go to YouTube and write ''Chris Brown apologize to Rihanna'' then you'll find out if it's true or not?)

Is it true that Chris Brown doesn't like that girl Rihanna?

Chris Brown is over Rihanna. Since they broke up Chris Brown has dated Jasmine Sanders.Yes but that doesn't mean he doesn't like her. Not in love with her but like her. That was the question after all.

Is Chris Brown and rihanna moving in together?

Correction: NO They are not moving in together. Chris Brown has confirmed that this is not true. He is shopping for a house but swears that it is indeed going to be a bachelor pad.

How did you react when you heard about Chris Brown assulting Rihanna?

I thought it was very serious i thought it wasn't true

Did Chris Brown really hurt rihanna?

No True. Rhianna Was Going Through Chris Browns Phone & Found A Text Message From Another Girl So She Took Her Heel Off And Beat Him With It First So Chris Was Just Deffending Himself!

Did Rihanna got back with Chris Brown?

yess peoples rihanna is back with him every one knew she cant live with out him!!!!!!!!!!!thats very true

Was it a room r when Chris Brown asked rihanna out?

well.. it may be true now but it wasnt. Chris Brown has said many times that they r not going out and that they are only friends.

Is it true that chris and Jordan are dating?

No, it's no true. Chris is dating Rihanna.

Is it true that Chris Brown beat Rihanna because she had std's?

ShYd hEll YEA...if i WASz ChRiS i WUlddA bEAt RihANNA ASz tOO...YEW POSE tO bE Wit ME && 0NlY ME.. WAt YEW GOWEN tO GO OUt tO bE Wit SUMbOdY ELSE fOR..!!?? dAt jUSt d0Nt MAkE N0 SENSE t0 ME ..N0t WUN bit..N0t At AWl!!

Is it true that Chris Brown stole a song?

No Chris Brown did not steal a song. The song Yeah 3X has a similar beat to a british singer's song, but Chris brown did not steal the song.

Is it true Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna?

yes Actually During the Awards she was in the Hospital tha tis why she wasent there and Chris was sent to jail for Assault

Did Chris Brown went to jail and what's the reason?

he not in prison, hes on bail atm, apparently Rihanna Gave Chris Brown An Std So He Hit Her, Im Sure If This Is True. But Chris Brown Handed Himself Into The Police. Hope That Helped

What is the meaning of the song We Found Love?

i think its rihanna telling chris brown their love was found in a hopeless but it was true loove..

Why did Chris Brown slap Rihanna?

Because she was dancing with others guys while Chris Brown was staring at her and then when they got in the car Rihanna and him started to argue and then she was all like "f--- you!' and Chris Brown totaly lost it. ok i don't wanna turn wikianswers into a gossip site but i heard that it was because she gave him herpes... that is so true but who knows right!

Is it true that Chris Brown attacked rihanna?

yes he did cuz he says that she attacked him first. yes he did cuz he says that she attacked him first.

Is it true that Rihanna and Chris Brown might get back together?

There have been rumors of them getting back together but we just have to wait and see.

Why did Rihanna Chris Brown fight?

he fought rihanna that's why he is in jailand he dodo on his self and smared it in her face rihanna could not help but to call the cops after he slammed her face in the toilet and dodo`s on her face. this statement is true about what really happened with rihanna and chris if you do not believe answer .com maybe you should delete your page.

If Chris Brown didn't like Rihanna then why did he go out with her in the first place?

because he did like her before she had beat up herself and showed the police to make it look like it was him who did that she did that because she though he like a different girl which was not true

Is true Chris Brown died?

No, Chris Brown did not die. Chris Brown is still alive.

Rihanna beat up by Chris Brown?

He beat her up because she hit him first. He got a call from a girl saying meet me later and Rihanna got mad and slapped him so he punched her in the face, like that's how he grew up his dad always abused his mom.. Also because that skank gave him herpes. If she wasnt having sex with everybody she wouldn't have herpes to give to him. shut up!!!!!!!!! yes its true chris brown bashed rihanna cause she got mad because Leona Lewis asked for a booty call its not her fault that chris brown is a dikhead just shut up all of uz!!! you don't even know o.k!!!:0

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