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Chris Brown is over Rihanna. Since they broke up Chris Brown has dated Jasmine Sanders.

Yes but that doesn't mean he doesn't like her. Not in love with her but like her. That was the question after all.

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Did Rihanna leav Chris Brown for a girl?

no she did not! they are still together

What happened with Chris Brown and Rihanna?

first they were girl friend and boy friend but then they had a fight. chris brown beat up rihanna cuz rihanna found out about a text some other lady chris brown was going out with sent him a text.

Does Chris Brown have a girlfriend besides Rihanna?

you must be stuck on stupid . chris brown & rihanna are broken up & he is now dating this girl named karrachue tran

Why did Rihanna and chris brown get in a fight?

What started it was a text three page text to chris brown from another girl. Rihanna got angry and they started arguing and that led to a fight.

Why did chrisbrown hit Rihanna?

because Rihanna saw a text message on Chris brown phone and it was by other girl.....

Why did Chris Brown punch Rihanna?

Chris Brown punched Rihanna in the face because she hit him first. Rihanna did not find it funny that Chris has another girlfriend; she slapped him after reading the text of another girl from his phone. This got Chris very mad and he retaliated in a very bad way.

What did the text say from Chris Brown ex girlfriend?

it said that umm..hey chris brown your girl friend rihanna gave you herpes

Who did Chris Brown like?

Chris Brown liked every girl he's dated. He was in love with Rihanna until they both got into a fight.

Dose chris brown have a girl friend after Rihanna?

NO after rihanna he decied to chill for a moment and that he would catch up later

When Chris Brown met Rihanna?

Rihanna Stealing Jay Z from BeyonceI Wasn't Looking At Your Man ( Little Girl )

Does rihanna know that chris brown kissed another girl?

If she reads WikiAnswers, she does now!

Did rihanna kiss a girl?

She has once been a lesbian but that was before she was dating Chris Brown

What started the fight between Rihanna and Chris Brown?

It was a 3 page long text message to chris brown from another girl he had close relationship with. Rihanna saw it and read it. Then she told chris brown about it and then they started yelling at each other and then that started the fight.

Why is Chris Brown abusing Rihanna?

chris brown was textin another girl when rihanna found out he texting other girls she got pissed off and threw the phone at him so it all started after a min. chris brown hit back a women near by reported a woman an d man fightin but she didnt know who it was but later found out it was chris brown and rihanna ( That's what the News said when Chris Brown went to quart, i WATCHED IT) :)

Why did chris hurt Rihanna?

Chris Brown was texting some girl and Rihanna found out about the messages He was sending to the other girl and she got very mad about it, so she threw the phone at Chris Brown and that's where it all started. Eventually the other lady reported that two people were fighting but she didn't know who it was but then she found out that it was Chris Brown and Rihanna. ( That's what the News said when Chris Brown went to court) if Rihanna is reading this plzz say 2 chris 2 NEVER toch u again+ here is mi eamil Yasmin_Sara@Hotmail.co.uk Number 1 fan!!

Why did Chris Brown bash Rihanna?

Apparently, in a limo on the way to the Grammys, Chris got a text from another girl and Rihanna got upset. Then they started bickering, then Chris brown attacked Rhianna. When the police found out, Chris Brown was arrested. Rihanna had to cancel her concert in Malaysia to go to hospital, she was found with a black eye, cuts and bruises all over her face.

Did Chris Brown and Rihanna fight?

They both got into a fight. Rihanna started when she saw a text message from a girl to Chris. the damage Rihanna did to Chris was a black eye a swollen lip and a nose bleed that is why she did the song love the way you lie So you don't want to get into a fight with rihanna

Does a New Zealand girl have a chance in being together with Chris Brown?

If he dumps Rihanna and if you move to the U.S.A.

Who would win in a fight between Chris Brown and Rihanna?

Well Chris Brown is a boy and boy's are strong, but Rihanna is a though girl or is she just though on the camera and weak behind the camera So I'm stuck I don't know what to say.

Why did Rihanna and Chris Brown get back together?

Rhianna and Chris Brown got back together because Rhianna is pregnant with Chris Brown's baby. The press or the news have not let out if its a boy or a girl or even if they are keeping it.

Is Rihanna cheating on chis b or was he cheating on Rihanna?


Is Rihanna a smoker?

Rihanna doesnt smoke she may be a bad girl... that's what people see her as(bad girl)bt after all she doesnt smoke

When will Chris Brown duet with rihanna?

Actually, they already did. (It's called Bad Girl and there's also a PCD version.)

Was Chris Brown born a girl?

NO Chris Brown was not born a girl.

Who would win in a fight Chris Brown or Rihanna?

Depends on the sort of fight you mean. If you mean fists flying, beat a girl down brawl, Chris takes the crown. If you mean hire a lawyer and metaphorically own a broths, that title goes to Rihanna.

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