Is it true that Geraldine Edwards Robert Palmers partner was the County Psychic working with the San Diego Police Dept in the nineties?

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Yes she was. According to Dennis Mallins of the S.D.P.D., Geraldine Edwards was the lead County Psychic for the County of San Diego for a three year time period. In her capacity as the County Psychic, she was taken to crime scenes, conducted investigations and was given the title of Special Investigator. She was paired with a police detective who was assigned as her partner named James Sundvold for safety reasons. The position carried a substanstial amount of risk as witnesses that sometimes were recalcitant to remember or give testimony would provide information to Edwards which would then be used in investigations. Those who were arrested in part because of these testimonies took umbrage with Edwards. The job was not for the faint of heart, but as Mallins said "Geraldine was tough and she could handle it." The S.D.P.D. and other major cities stopped using County Psychics when George P. Bush made it illegal for their input to be used in ongoing investigations. Prior to that they were extremely useful in certain types of police investigations. In the early nineties, Geraldine Edwards had a five minute segment on a local news station called "The Psychic's Corner" where she warned consumers about scams that were attached to Psychic, Metaphysical or Paranormal matters. There has been more than one unscrupulous practictioner of these disiplines who has sought to con or hustle potential victims for financial gain to themselves. She also advised interested individuals on how to reasonably and safely use these services. Her show was considered a community service and she was introduced as the County Psychic of San Diego County.
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Was geraldine Edwards Robert palmers girlfriend and the woman who dated Eric clapton rick springfield roger daltry and others the woman almost famous was written about?

Yes she was. Geraldine Edwards met Cameron Crowe in San Diego, California, in 1975 backstage at the San Diego Sports Arena. At the time Cameron Crowe was interested in being a Sports Writer and was a fan of the San Diego Gulls. Geraldine suggested that he widen his range and interview all types of p ( Full Answer )

Is it true that geraldine Edwards the late Robert palmers girlfriend and the woman almost famous was written about helped mix the sound on the winter bros Frankenstein live?

According to Rodney Bingenheimer's interview with Geraldine Edwards which took place in 1975, that is true. Geraldine Edwards met the legendary Shelley Yakus, who is hands down the must famous record producer in the world, and who owned the Record Plant at the time, in 1974, backstage at the San Die ( Full Answer )

Why do not website of Robert palmer list geraldine Edwards as his girlfriend?

The website you are referring to is not the official website of Robert Palmer, in other words it is not mandated by his family or friends. The Palmer family took down their official website in 2006. The reason that Geraldine Edwards name does not appear as Robert Palmer's girlfriend is that she has ( Full Answer )

What are the names of Geraldine Edwards the girlfriend of Robert Palmers siblings and do they live in the same city as her Also did they go backstage with her?

Her siblings names are William, Daniel, Roxanne and Allison, in order of age. No, none of her siblings live in Los Angeles, California. Three of her family members live in different parts of the United States, none in California, since the late seventies, and her sister Allison has lived in Spain wi ( Full Answer )

Where are any photos of geraldine Edwards?

Geraldine Edwards does not release photos of herself to the internet. Although she is not reclusive, the opposite would be true, she prefers to keep her likeness private. On four occasions, pictures of herself were posted to the internet. She discreetly contacted the agents who posted the pictures a ( Full Answer )

How did Mary Ambroses name get attached to the singer Robert Palmers obituaries when I heard Robert Palmer announce Geraldine Edwards as his girlfriend on Access Hollywood shortly before his death?

According to Robert Palmer himself in interviews, his close friends, and his family members, Geraldine Edwards was his girlfriend at the time of his death. She had been his girlfriend since Palmer's divorce from Susan in 1999. Mary Ambrose was a woman who casually dated Robert Palmer from 2000 to 20 ( Full Answer )

Did Geraldine Edwards Robert Palmers partner inherit from his Estate?

Geraldine Edwards specifically requested that she not be included in Robert Palmer's Last Will and Testament. She was a Legal Professional and a Small Business owner and was more than financially self-sufficient. Palmer and Edwards did spend a considerable amount of time together in July of 2003 goi ( Full Answer )

Was Robert Palmer still dating Robert Palmer at the time of his death and was she still working for him?

No, she was not. Robert Palmer broke ties with Mary Ambrose in February of 2003 as he and his girlfriend, Geraldine Edwards, were planning on moving to Los Angeles with one another. Palmer also told her at that time to seek other employment as her being on site did make him uncomfortable and made hi ( Full Answer )

Is it true that Mary Ambrose who became Robert Palmers estate manager and sometimes date worked as a Au Pair in Del Mar before she worked for Robert Palmer?

Yes, that is true per Rae Agostino. Mary Ambrose worked for John and Rae Agostino as their live-in Au Pair from late 1996 to 2000 in Del Mar, California. She became employed by them when she was nineteen years old. The Agostinos' happened to be friends with Robert Palmer as well as business partners ( Full Answer )

Is it true that Robert Palmers partner is a lawyer and is married?

No, that is not true. Geraldine Edwards is a Legal Administrator, not an attorney. She has been married since 2006 to Anthony Flemming-Mueller, who is a Medical/Legal Expert and practicing attorney. The two own a law practice in Los Angeles County.

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Is it true that the rock muse Geraldine Edwards was the model on the cover of Robert Palmers 1975 Pressure Drop?

That is true, according to Chris Blackwell and the liner notes on Pressure Drop. The picture was taken in October of 1975, when Geraldine Edwards was eighteen years old. She had met Robert Palmer that same year. Chris Blackwell, who was the owner of Island Records, the label Robert Palmer was sig ( Full Answer )

Is Geraldine Edwards the rock muse and fiancee of the late Robert Palmer a member of the Golden Dawn as her great grandfather was?

No, she was not. Although her great grandfather Aleister Crowley was a member, she declined their invitation to join the order which was extended to her in the seventies. One interesting distinction that Geraldine Edwards held was that she was the lead county psychic for the city of San Diego in the ( Full Answer )

Did geraldine edwards the rock muse robert palmers fiancee and one of the women almost famous was written about join the order of the golden dawn?

No, Geraldine Edwards is not a member of The Order of the Golden Dawn. Geraldine Edwards great grandfather was a member of the Order, and although certain people expressed an interest in meeting Edwards, billing themselves as members of the Order in the 1970's, it was generally understood that the O ( Full Answer )

Is it true that the late singer Robert Palmer owned a pub in San Diego called Shakespeares?

Yes, that is true. Robert Palmer owned Shakespeares' Pub located in San Diego, California, in the mid-to-late nineties, under the name of a corporation that he created for some of his business investments. He was seen there often holding court with a group of friends. Palmer owned a second home in D ( Full Answer )

What is Robert Palmers fiancee Geraldine Edwards doing now and does she still go backstage?

Geraldine Edwards is happily married to her husband since 2006, Anthony Flemming-Mueller. They operate a law practice together. Geraldine is a legal administrator and the holder of a LLM, in addition to a MBA, MPS and a PhD in Business Administration. Her husband is a JD and a MD. The both of them a ( Full Answer )

Did Robert Palmers fiancee Geraldine Edwards ever meet Sue Palmer his second wife and were they friendly?

Yes, the two did meet and were friendly. Sue Palmer did say that she liked Geraldine Edwards and that she definitely approved of her ex dating her. Geraldine Edwards publicly said that Sue Palmer was a terrific person. After their initial meeting in 1999, they would occasionally check-in with each o ( Full Answer )

Does Geraldine Edwards the rock muse who was engaged to Robert Palmer and one of the inspirations for Almost Famous have a Facebook account that I can write to and what name what it be under?

I am friends with Geraldine Edwards' niece who works for her aunt at her law firm in Los Angeles as an attorney. No, Geraldine Edwards does not have a Facebook account under any of her names, which would be Geraldine Edwards, Geraldine Angel Edwards or Geraldine Flemming-Mueller, if you were looking ( Full Answer )

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What is the story behind the Wikipedia editor who was convicted of internet harassment against Geraldine Edwards the inspiration for penny lane in almost famous and Robert palmers fiancee?

It is true that Geraldine Edwards, now Geraldine Flemming-Mueller,she's been married for over eight years now to her husband AnthonyFlemming-Mueller, was attacked via the Internet by a Wikipediaeditor whom I am unable to name due to legal reasons, however hisWikipedia handle begins with B. The backg ( Full Answer )

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