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Is it true that Noah's Ark was found?



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Answer It is not true. The story of Noah's Ark was based on an earlier story, the Epic of Gilgamesh. So if any 'Ark' could be found, it would surely be the Mesopotamian one.

There was a story that an eager biblical archaeologist had found the Ark on Mount Ararat, but this was never confirmed. What he is believed to have found was a rock formation that, in certain lights, looks like the prow of a ship.

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Yes. Pieces have been located. However 99% of the time, they are buried under about 100 ft. of ice. There are two photos,- one taken in 1972/3 and the other in 1989 when there was a severe melt back of the ice cap on Mt. Ararat. You can find the photos by doing a search for the Mexico Beach Christian Worship Center Other Answers

  • No, and this is probably because it never existed.
  • The likely-hood of a boat that big never being found if it existed is near impossible
  • No Noahs ark has not been found recently.
  • yes it has in fact it was just discovered