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The SOL for open accounts (credit cards) in Florida is indeed four years. This means that the creditor must file any litigation before 4 years from time the account was charged off, for the lawsuit to be valid. However, an SOL for any debt in any state is not an automatic defense. If the debtor is sued it is his or her responsibility to provide evidence to the court that the state SOL is a legitimate defense. Also, the majority of state courts experience backlogs of cases, meaning the creditor could file suit before the time limit expires, but the debtor would be served with the summons months or even years after the SOL's date.

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Q: Is it true that a debtor cannot be sued for credit card debt in Florida after four years have passed?
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Mother passed leaving land and house to three children one is the executor are you responsible for credit card debt in Florida?

The estate is responsible for the credit card debt. The assets of the estate cannot be distributed before the debts of the estate are paid. The executor is bound by law to give notice of the death to creditors. You should seek the advice from the attorney who is handling the estate.

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The seven year time limit relates to how long negative information can remain on an individual's credit report. US states have statute of limitations for when a creditor lawsuit can be initiated to recover debt. Those time limits differ from state-to-state and the type of debt for which recovery is being sought. The expiration of an SOL is not an automatic defense for the debtor. The debtor must present is as a defense and present documentation to prove said defense.

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