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Moved from NW MS to SE AZ and it hit me almost immediately - in MS it was a 2x's per year, that responded well to OTC meds - here in AZ it is constant - really severe, was tested and I reacted severly for MOLD only - RX's didn't work at all - getting shots now for 3 months and it IS working, albeit slowly?

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โˆ™ 2004-07-02 18:36:38
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Q: Is it true that after you move cross-country it could take a while for allergies or hay fever to catch up with you?
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Can you catch someones hay-fever from saliva?

Hay fever is a type of allergies and is not contagious

Can allergies cause a fever?

Most allergies can

Do allergies cause fever?


Can you catch a fever?

no you can't catch a fever but you can catch a cold which if terrible can bring on a fever

Is hay fever an allergies?


Why do people catch fever?

you catch a fever because when you have germs in your body your bodys temperature naturally rises to kill the germ that could prove harmful if it didnt

What happens to people that has food allergies?

They will have fever.

Can you die from hay fever?

No, because hay fever is just another cold but from allergies.

Can having cat scratch fever as a child cause allergies to cats as an adult?

it could be possible but improbable, ask ted nugent

Can kids get hay fever?

Yes, they can have allergies as well as an adult.

How can you spread hay fever to other people?

No allergies are not contagious.

No cough just stuffy nose are you sick still?

As long as you do not have a fever I'm pretty sure you are not considered sick. you could just have allergies.

How do you catch the typhoid fever?

You catch the typhoid fever by ingestion of contaminated food or water. Typhoid fever is transmitted by fecal/oral route.

What causes internal fever?

One cause of internal fever is seasonal allergies. Also, a cold or the flu and autoimmune disorders can cause an internal fever.

What does it mean when throat hurts when swallowing but no fever and lack of allergies?

You could have a viral or bacterial infection, post-nasal drip from allergies, or irritation from something you inhaled. Consult with your health care provider for advice specific to your situation.

How can you catch scarlet fever?

you catch it by brushing your hair

What happens when you catch the yellow fever?

When you catch Yellow Fever you get very sick. Yellow Fever was characterized as making you vomit black bile and get high fevers.

Can you take a paracetamol for hay fever?

No. Hay fever isn't a disease, and it usually won't cause a fever - so paracetamol won't help. hay fever is an allergy, and what helps with allergies are antihistamines.

What type of allergies need to be considered before phlebography?

Patients should tell their physician if they have allergies or hay fever, or if they have had a reaction to a contrast solution.

Are golden retrievers bad for allergies?

They can sometimes irritate your sinuses if you have hay fever or other environmental allergies because of their shedding. They can sometimes get allergies with can make them sneeze or get a lot of dandruff or other things.

Are food allergies hereditary?

Allergies are hereditary. There is a tendency for the immune system to create IgE antibodies in people with family histories of allergies and allergic conditions like hay fever and asthma, according to NIAID.

Can Kittens have allergies?

Technically they can have hay fever. Besides that no. Things can bother their nose but that's about it.

Can allergies to cats cause a fever?

Yes.and it can also cause the flu if its really bad.

How long after fever breaks can you go out?

You should wait at least 12-24 hours to go anywhere after a fever breaks. You may still be contagious and others could catch your sickness.

What is the difference between a summer cold and allergies?

A cold goes away after 5-7 days!Allergies are pretty constant and you don't get a fever or chills with them either.