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Is it true that astatine is a non-metal?


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Yes. A solid nonmetal of the halogen family.

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Astatine is a nonmetal and halogen.

Astatine is a solid nonmetal.

At room temperature astatine is a solid nonmetal.

At room temperature astatine is a solid nonmetal.

My science teacher says that Astatine is a nonmetal.

Astatine is a solid nonmetal at room temperature.

No. Astatine is a halogen, which makes it a nonmetal. Nonmetals are poor conductors of heat.

No, the guy before me was wrong, Astatine is a Metalloid and it is used in the Radiotherapy of cancer.

Astatine is not a metalloid but a nonmetal; astatine is a solid because is more heavier than fluorine.

Astatine is a radioactive, natural element and also a nonmetal similar to halogens.

That would be Astatine with the atomic number 85.

At room temperature and normal pressure astatine is a solid nonmetal; the color is not known but probably is a dark color.

You think probable to astatine (group 17) and radon (group 18).

it is a SOLID,chemical element with the symbol At and atomic number 85. This radioactive element occurs naturally from uranium-235 and uranium-238 decay. It is the heaviest of the halogens.At room temperature astatine is a solid halogen, nonmetal.

It's not on the periodic table ^ not really true. SO isn't but S is Sulfur which is a nonmetal, and O is Oxygen which is also a nonmetal.

False. When a metal reacts with a nonmetal an ionic bond is formed.

Ununspetium has yet to be isolated at all, so nothing is known for sure about it, but it theorised that it will probably be metalic/semi-metalic, like Astatine

The chemical formula for astatine is "At"

No, Boron (B) is classified as a metalloid, which is an element with propertyies intermediate between metals and nonmetals. Other metalloids are: Silicon, Germanium, Arsenic, Antimony, Tellurium, Polonium and Astatine.

Astatine has 125 neutrons

Astatine is a chemical element, not a compound.

Astatine is an element, an atom.

Astatine is an element with the symbol At.

You use astatine to heal hyperthyroidism.

The color of the element astatine is unknown.

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