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No. That is false. Drinking a lot of water is healthy and it flushes out your body's toxins and it hydrates you. It does not "plump" anything. If you want a toned, round butt- get on a stairmaster and work out your glutes.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-27 14:51:50
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Q: Is it true that drinking a lot of water plumpens your butt?
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Is it true that drinking a lot of water right after sex can't make you pregnant?

NO, drinking a lot of water after sex will NOT stop you from getting pregnant.

Is it true drinking lots of water can help flush fat from your system?

sure can

Is it true that drinking cold water makes you fat?

No, it makes you bloated though

IS it true that you can die drinking water?

YES you can choke and i would know i am a a scientist

What is water energy also call as?

hydroeletricity. you cant get energy from plain water but you could get energy by drinking water!! (its not true) :P

Is it true that drinking caffeine causes cellulite?

Yes caffeine will give you cellulite drinking lots and lots of water helps it go away

Electrolye balance during exercise can be maintained by drinking water in combination with a balanced diet?


What is the true bacteria?

butt cheeks

What is the maximum amount of ozone in drinking water?

None. Unless you ozonate water immediately before drinking it, there is almost no chance that will will find ozone in drinking water. It is true that ozone is used in both bottled water processes, and municipal water plants, but in both cases the ozone will have broken down back into oxygen long before that water makes its way into a consumer's mouth.

How does eating a lot of salt and drinking a lot of water make you gain weight?

It is not correct, filling the stomach with water is not a true weight gain.

Why do you pee faster after drinking hot water as opposed to cold water?

This is not true, when you consume something, the fluid would have the same temperature of the body.

Why drinking water was badly needed after world war 2?

not true, doesn't affect it at all, human still drink water normally.

Electrolye balance during exercise can be maintained by drinking water in combination with a balanced diet balanced diet?


Is it true or false that electrolyte balance during exercise can be maintained by drinking water in combination with a balance diet?


Is it true if the people in a town contracted amoebic dysentery or infections by animals like protist entamoeba the most likely caused would be contaminated drinking water?


Can drinking milk with dinner help you stay hydrated?

Drinking anything other than alcohol can help you stay hydrated. Water is best but milk is OK.

When you are dehydrated should salt be added to your water?

Although this is true, electrolytes are needed in VERY VERY small amounts. Drinking water that tastes salty can actually make dehydration worse! (Many people die from dehydration after drinking sea water.) It is always best to ask a doctor.

Is it true that drinking enough water will help make your hair grow out?

Yes it does actually that's proven by Dr. Yajakovich in 2003

Does UV filtering of drinking water make it safer than boiling it?

I dont know the exact explanation but few days back i read in the newspaper that drinking RO or UV water lowers ones body's immunity...... I don't why or how/??? Just read it..... It is not a short term issue.. but a long term... i mean if such a speculation is true then it can only happen to that person whi has been drinking that water for many years... not to the one who has started drinking that water a month back......

Is it true that malaria is a illness you get from drinking dirty water?

No. Malaria comes from germs passed by mosquito bites. But the mosquitoes breed in standing water, so malaria is indirectly related to dirty water.

Does salt intensify the effects of drinking?

It is not true.

Is it true justin bieber is holding selena gomez's butt?


Is it true that if you exercise your butt gets a little bigger?

no it does not get bigger

Misuse of water?

The misuse of water limits the amount available for more pressing needs like drinking and agriculture. This is particularly true in dry areas or those experiencing a drought.

What do you call a true animal lover?

Your butt is a true animal lover because animals love to sniff it......