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A person dreams every 1/2 hours, but seldom remembers them and it's just before one wakes up where they can remember a dream or a nightmare. They are not in full REM sleep. If you dream about something unpleasant it doesn't mean it will happen to you. You could be stressed out and dream of running from "someone" but can't see the face or even tell whether it's human or animal. If you dream of someone you secretly admire or love then it's simply because you do and if you dream that you'll get together as a couple then dreams can come true!

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Q: Is it true that if you dream about something that you actually wish it would happen?
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What does it mean to dream of moving into a new office and being happy about it?

This appears to be a wish-fulfillment dream, providing an experience of something you would like to happen.

If someone has or had a vision or any visions what would that mean?

A vision is a day dream or thought of either something a person feels is about to happen or of something that did happen (the latter is called a flashback).

What does a dream where you find lots of money mean?

A very positive dream... good things should be coming your way... This probably is a wish-fulfillment dream, allowing you to experience something your would like to happen in reality.

What will happen if a boy hug you?

Nothing happens. Maybe the girl would feel something but actually happens, nothing.

What is a the meaning of a sex dream?

well a sex dream is a dream where you think of a girl and start having sex with her in this dream your pretty much thinking of what you think would like to happen but only happnes in a dream their the same as wet dreams but only happen if you like a girl you seen at school or something sometimes they just happen automatically sometimes they dont its normal happnes to girls too its all part of life

Why can't your Pokemon dream?

I would imagine that they do, actually. The move Dream Eater is based off of eating a Pokemon's dream.

What does it mean when you dream that your crush came to your class?

The dream is only a fun wish-fulfillment dream, expressing something that you would like very much to happen. It does not predict any future event or tell you anything about the actual person on whom you have this crush.

If you dream that your boyfriend kissed his ex girlfriend does that mean it will actually happen?

no If you know that your boyfriend really likes his ex girlfriend, it is possible.... But I would say no since it was only a dream. Hope I helped! If you know that your boyfriend really likes his ex girlfriend, it is possible.... But I would say no since it was only a dream. Hope I helped!No. I have had dreams of many things that did not happen and will not happen but technically COULD happen. Dreams are really random and don't mean things will come true.

What do animals dream about?

can animals even dream if so i bet it would probably be what happen thouout the day or food.

What does it mean if you have a realistic dream?

You know when you first like the person, and you would sit at night and think about the person, and what would happen. Things like that. A realistic dream is when the dream you once had is real. Understand ? *I think they mean , when you think about a person before you go to sleep, you can have a realistic dream about them, but its usually just you thinking. But sometimes your dreams can be telling you something

What does it mean if you dreamed you were given a lot of money?

It probably means that you would like to be given a lot of money. This is a wish-fulfillment dream, providing the experience of something the dreamer would like to happen.

What is another word for dream?

I suppose it would be vision. But I think that is only if you think your dream was telling you something

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