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no one knows for sure that is why it is a mystery

A more rational perspective:The "Bermuda Triangle" is an area of unpredictable weather with quite a few small, rocky islands. As a result, many ships have been blown off course during the bad weather and have hit rocks, resulting in sunken ships and missing crews.

As humans, we like to have an explanation for mysteries, so when someone along the way noticed that the ships passing through the area now known as the Bermuda Triangle have disappeared, he (or she) said a few words that probably started the myth. But it's nothing more than that; a myth, superstition or scary story.

But people will believe what they want, so it doesn't matter what rational explanation is offered; uninformed, superstitious people will cling to the mystical regarding the area known as the Bermuda Triangle.

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Is the Bermuda triangle real or true?

The Bermuda Triangle is a very real place where dozens of ships, planes, and people disappear with no good explanation.

Is the myths about Bermuda triangle true?

Yes because war ship have disappeared in the Bermuda triangle

Is it true that there are mysteries in the Bermuda triangle?


Are the Bermuda Triangle mysteries true?

We do not know for certain. That is why it is a mystery.

Is Bermuda triangle is true?

No, it was an invention to sell books and magazines.

Is the bermuda triangle story true?

Their is no concrete nor visual evidence or proof that the Bermuda triangle exsists.It is not believed that it is true... In addition:The US Board of Geographic Names does not recognize the Bermuda Triangle as an official name.The US Navy does not believe the Bermuda Triangle exists.It is reported that Lloyd's of London, the world's leading market for specialist insurance, does not charge higher premiums for vessels transiting this heavily traveled area.

Is it true that Atlantis was a lost city and that this lost city has something to do with the Bermuda triangle?

No, Atlantis was a myth. The Bermuda triangle has no special quality to it, it merely is a large expanse of highly traveled ocean.

Do most scientists believe that reports of strange events inside the Bermuda triangle are accurate or true?

No, most scientists do not.

Is there a real thing called the Bermuda Triangle?

well as i have heard i guess there is but you gotta check it out yourself to see if its true or not

When will scientists write a book about the Pacific Bermuda Triangle?

Probably never. The Bermuda triangle isn't what true scientist would write about. Keep looking for one! There are, however, many by conspiracy theorists and the like which do not investigate merely speculate and are not rigorous in arriving at their conclusions.

What does the word beliefs mean?

It means that you think something that is real but its not realFor example*You think that the Bermuda triangle is true because people go there and have been disappearing into that area but its not rally true its what you think that is true

What happened to the ships that got lost in Bermuda triangle?

the ships that got lost in the bermuda triangle had sinked or maybe landed on a hidden island we still don't still know what happened i think scientists will now it this is a real mysterious triangle we don't know who maid it if aliens are true they may have something to do with it with alien technology or something i think there is an code or another word in the bermuda triangle word i know scientists will find only 8 and i wanna be a scientist when i grow up :)

Are aliens part of the Bermuda Triangle?

There is no proof that aliens even exist. They are just a story people make up to sell newspapers and such. the Bermuda Triangle is a made-up mystery, too. Given the amount of traffic, the weather and such, the amount of missing vehicles is about what you would expect. Again, an story made up to sell books and such. There is a book by a man named Larry Kusche (or something like that) called "The Bermuda Triangle Mystery-Solved". Anyone interested in knowing the true facts about the Triangle should read it.

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Is there a magnetic force field under water in the Bermuda Triangle?

yes,in myths, legends and some true stories there have been some strange goings and scientist have guessed there is.

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When you past the Bermuda triangle can you make a wish?

You can make a wish anywhere. But i don't think there is more chance of it coming true near the most known kill spot on the planet.

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Does bermuda have pretty curises?

I am guess you are asking if Bermuda has pretty cruises. If that is true, then yes, Bermuda and the Caribean is one of the most beautiful place for a cruise.

What happens when a bird flies over the Bermuda Triangle?

Magnetic north is farther from true north in the Bermuda triangle than in any other place. I don't know for sure but wouldn't that mean that birds don't migrate directly south? How do birds even know what direction is south? If it has to do with magnets in their brain or something then it would mess up the direction they migrate. I'm not sure.