Bermuda Triangle

Is it true that if you enter the Bermuda triangle you will disappear?

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2012-02-28 02:31:56

no one knows for sure that is why it is a mystery

"A_more_rational_perspective:" id="A_more_rational_perspective:">A

more rational perspective:

The "Bermuda Triangle" is an area of unpredictable weather with

quite a few small, rocky islands. As a result, many ships have been

blown off course during the bad weather and have hit rocks,

resulting in sunken ships and missing crews.

As humans, we like to have an explanation for mysteries, so when

someone along the way noticed that the ships passing through the

area now known as the Bermuda Triangle have disappeared, he (or

she) said a few words that probably started the myth. But it's

nothing more than that; a myth, superstition or scary story.

But people will believe what they want, so it doesn't matter

what rational explanation is offered; uninformed, superstitious

people will cling to the mystical regarding the area known as the

Bermuda Triangle.

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