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Is it true that pennies are not going to be made in the future?

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The Treasury Dept. Has Concluded It Cost 0.93 Cent To Make A One Cent Piece. Yes It Looks Like The One Cent Piece Will Be A Thing Of The Past.

2006-08-10 02:02:51
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What are pennies used to be made of?

Pennies are made up of 97% zinc, and 3% copper. All though this seems unbelievable, it is true. Earlier in History, pennies were made up of jut copper, but that got too expensive, so the U.S government changed the pennies material, to Zinc, and copper.

Why is the penny made in 2006 worth less than the penny made in 2007?

it wasnt made out of the same materials it takes 1.7 cents to make 1 penny true factNOT a "true fact"Since mid-1982 all US cents have been made from the same material, copper-plated zinc. This question is a mis-reading of an elementary-school joke, "Why are 2006 pennies worth less than 2007 pennies?". The answer is that 2,006 pennies are worth $20.06 but 2,007 pennies are worth 1 cent more. ba DING!

What causes the pennies to weigh differently?

Zinc-core pennies have been made since 1982, and are lighter than all-copper pennies made prior to this (2.5 grams vs 3.1 grams). In addition, pennies of the same "generation" can exhibit greater amounts of dirt on them (increasing weight - gross but true), and different amounts of wear to the metal (decreasing weight).

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They aren't made from nickel. Past US cents have been made of copper, bronze, or steel. Since 1982 they've been made of copper-plated zinc.True "pennies" from Britain (US coins are actually "cents") are made of copper-plated steel.The only US cents to contain nickel were Flying Eagle and some early-date Indian Head cents; they were 88% copper and 12% nickel.

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