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Not particularly, unless on steroids.

Lavender will probably grow well where vine grows. The soil should be neutral to alcaline.

Just because some girls have more hair then others but they don't alot but some girls do

Lavender grows summer to i dont no lol

Yes and no.It depends on the genes.But it is normal in most cases.

Boys and Girls will both grow underarm hair and pubic hair. Boys will also grow facial hair and chest hair. Girls will grow breasts and their hips will broaden. Boys's shoulders will broaden and their penis and testicles will grow.

Lavender is a Meddeterranian plant and is better grown in full sun.

to grow a lavender u will need seeds and water and soil and last of all but not the least nutrition oh and don't forget to give it sunlight too.

well, you could get a few pots and soil and on your window ledge and put the lavender seedsburied in the soil. But make sure the pot and its contents are covered by the sun's rays to help the lavender grow and in a few watever you call it.. your house will be blossoming with lavender!! Have fun planting!!

no you can't because you need soil to grow any plant that you want to grow.

When they go through puberty. But in the case of Arabs when they grow hair on their back

As a girl progresses through the stages of puberty, she will grow taller and her body shape will change. Her chest will appear less flat as her breasts begin to grow. The first sign that a girl's breasts are developing is when small bumps (sometimes called "breast buds") become noticeable on her chest. Some girls find that their breasts or nipples start to tingle or itch whilst they grow. These feelings stop when the breasts stop growing.

No, there is no spell to make your chest grow. Your chest grows naturally when it is ready, there is nothing that you can do to speed-up the process, certainly not magic.

Lavender thrives in warm, well drained soil and full sun. You can keep it moist, but not damp. When the lavender blooms, you can cut it at the bottom and dry for later use. Lavender will come back every year.

Answer Yes, it will. It prefers full sunlight, but it will take partial sun. You can use lavender as an oil. Rub some oil on sores and they will heal right up. You can also add 2 to 3 drops of essential oil in your bath. Lavender is said to promote sleep so you can spray it on your pillow case.

Girls don't grow beards

We girls grow slowly. Guys can grow 3 inches in 2 months, they're called growthspurts(I think). But that's not always the case some guys are short, too.

Yes, it will grow back thicker and darker. But shaving your chest itches very badly.

Being a Medditeranean plant it prefers the sun.

Hair in general grows from "inside" your skin outward, in the case of girls hair down.

your naturally grow hair on your chest if your a male and for a female i dont know

girls grow taller until they are 21

Erm actually male pubic hairs grow when the chest hairs grow so if you have chest hairs and no pubic hairs there might be a problem

how are the girls simlar in the way they grow sciences

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