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You don't need permission to use a copyrighted work in two circumstances: (1) if you are only copying facts or ideas from the work; or (2) if your use is "fair use" (educational, research, news reporting, criticism, or public interest). Fair use is always subject to interpretation. Reference:

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What are the benefits of painting a photo?

I recently got one of my photo painted by an artist at portraits on demand. They painted the painting very beautifully. According to me it can be the best gifting idea, again it adds a touch of elegance to your home interior.

What is the difference between portrait and self portrait?

A portrait is a drawing photo painting or stature of a person and a self - portrait is a drawing photo paiting or stature of the person who is painting or drawinf the photo

Anything about a painting called Flowers by an artist named Glenn Owen?

I know Glenn. He is an exceptional artist who now lives in Yellow Springs, OH. If you will send me a photo of the work I will ask him about it when I visit this weekend. Ray

What is Chuck Close's style of painting?

His style of painting is hyper-realism and photo-realism

Where is a portrait of artist Richard Zolan?

Still looking for photo of Richard Zolan, artist. signed Elizabeth Thompson Still looking for photo of Richard Zolan, artist. signed Elizabeth Thompson

What is the deference between image and picture?

A picture can be a painting, a drawing, and a photo. A image is JUST a photo.

Photo eding painting free downloads softwares?


What is it that someone else has to take before you can get it?

your photo your photo

Where did Andy Warhol get inspired to paint the painting Crash?

From a newspaper photo.

What has the author Bart Rulon written?

Bart Rulon has written: 'Artists Photo Reference Birds (Artist's Photo Reference)' 'Painting birds step by step' -- subject(s): Birds in art, Technique, Painting

What is the difference between tradtional illustration and photo illustration?

The main difference is the means by which each is accomplished. A traditional illustration is a sketch, painting, drawing, etc. A photo illustration is just that - a photo.

Someone jusy commented ptg on my photo and tagged a guy whats that mean?

If someone just commented ptg on your photo and tagged a guy, it means the person has liked your photo.

Chuck Close's style of art?

His style of painting is hyper-realism and photo-realism

When was the painting blue new york painted by mark kazav?

Show me photo, I can help you

When did David Hockney paint a picture of his mother?

The photo collage is from 1982, the painting from 1985..

Is it illegal to paint from a photo?

No - simply because the painting will never be an exact copy of the photograph.

How do you critique painting?

• Size: Remember to take a look at the actual size of the painting and try to visualize it that big rather than the size of the photo on your computer screen.• Shape: Does the shape of the canvas (landscape or portrait) suit the subject matter? For example, a very long and thin canvas can add to the drama of a landscape.• Artist's Statement: Has the artist achieve their stated aim? Do you agree with their statement or interpretation of their painting, remembering that what the artist intends and what the viewer sees aren't always the same thing.• Title of the Painting: What is the title of the painting? What does it tell you about the painting and how does it guide your interpretation? Think about how you might have interpreted the painting if it had been called something else.• Subject Matter: What is the painting of? Is it unusual, unexpected, controversial or intriguing? Does it lend itself to comparison to work by a famous painter? Do you understand the symbolism in the painting?• Emotional Response: Does the painting generate an emotional reaction in you? What is the overall mood of the painting, and is this suitable for the subject?• Composition: How have the elements of the painting been placed? Does your eye flow across the whole painting or does one element selfishly dominate? Is the main focus of the painting slap-bang in the center of the painting (both vertically and horizontally), or off to one side? Is there anything that draws your eye into or across the painting? Also consider whether it's been slavishly copied from reality or from a photograph rather than thought put into which elements were included?• Skill: What level of technical skill does the artist display, making allowance for someone who's just starting out and someone who's an experienced artist? A beginner may not have been technically skillful in every element of their painting, but there's usually some aspect that's worth highlighting for the way it was dealt with and the potential it demonstrates.• Medium: What was used to create the painting? What has the artist done with the possibilities presented by their choice of medium?• Color: Has color been used realistically or used to convey emotion? Are the colors warm or cool and do they suit the subject? Has a restricted or monochrome palette been used (see the Monochrome Painting Project)? Have complementary colors been used in the shadows and are there reflected colors (colors 'bouncing' from one object onto another)?• Texture: It's extremely hard to see texture of a painting on a web page, but it's something that should be considered when looking at a painting in "real life".

Lichtenstein artwork named 'Wham'?

See link below for a photo of and information about the painting.

What is the cover art for Ornette Colemans 'Dancing in Your Head'?

It is a photo of an African painting owned by Ornette Coleman. I believe the painting is by the musician Twin Seven Seven.

How do you beat the villains on counterfeit island?

The are only 2 villains, the Black Widow and her henchman (and assorted guards). Get the timecard from the museum guard (who is at the Clown Store) and you can get a photo of the painting being stolen. Show the photo downtown and you can pursue the thief, leading you to the discovery of the missing painting.

Can an abstract painting form part of a photo collage?

If you are able to create a good wall art by using an abstract painting in the middle of cluster of photo frame then why not. Try and use different sizes of photo frames; maybe even styles. Once you have created a theme in your mind, then choose an abstract painting to best suit the theme. Scores of option are available online and you must check these before finally deciding to go for this unusual wall art.

What type of artist was van goth?

There is one photo studio VanGoth. Or do you mean van Gogh?

An artist who used the photographic stencil of photo screen for his or her images of media stars was?

Andy warhol

How do you edit a photo like the ed sheeran?

if your referring to the album cover, it was draw by an artist with charcoal

Is there a site where you can upload a photo then turn it into a painting for free without download order or login?

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