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There are no special risks or dangers from using Birth Control pills continuously, without taking the placebo pills.

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Is there any medicine that will stop period for a month?

You can alter the course of your period with birth control and when you choose to take or not take it, but it is unhealthy, unsafe, and not recommended. So, no. Nature is nature, youre a woman, deal with it.

What is the difference between safe and unsafe period?

During your menstrual cycle there is a period known as safe which is when you don't ovulate. The opposite is the period when you do ovulate which is unsafe if you want to avoid pregnancy. Some couples rely ion this as a contraceptive but it's very unsafe since women don't always ovulate at the same days each month.

Who broke the law to fight for women reproductive freedom?

I'm sure it has happened more than once but one is Margaret Sanger who went to jail for giving out birth control to women before it was legal. She knew birth control would prevent illegal and unsafe abortions.

What action to take if unsafe practices have been identified?

All unsafe practices need to be reported to your immediate superviser so the person can be retrained or the condition remedied to prevent further damage.

Why should schools teach about birth control?

So the students do not have unsafe unprotected sex.

Will raising the costs of abortions a solution to prevent abortions?

No the cost is already a problem. That would only lead to more women having unsafe illegal abortions in a country where it is legal. Only rich people would afford it and it would become a class issue. That would be a disgrace. To prevent abortions you have to prevent unwanted pregnancies. That is where birth control and sex education comes in.

Is it safe to eat raw chicken pecked by birds?

No. It is unsafe to eat raw chicken, period.

Can you get pregnant if you haven't had your period yet?

Technical you can. If you have unsafe sex just before you have your first period you can get pregnant. Before a period you are fertile, so its better to be safe than sorry..

Why do states create and enforce laws?

States create and enforce laws to prevent unsafe, chaotic behavior such as anarchy.

Why is cooking the most common CCP?

Cooking is the most common CCP (Critical Control Point) in a HACCP plan because it is the easiest way to eliminate dangerous microorganisms. Food factories use HACCP to reduce and eliminate any possibility of foods becoming unsafe. The best way to prevent unsafe microbes from getting into the food is to cook the food to a high enough temperature.

Should age prevent employment?

Yes, age should prevent employment. This is because certain jobs require an adult to make decisions and even could be potentially unsafe for minors.

Can you use a 44 mag in a 410?

DO NOT DO THIS!!! UNSAFE!!!!!!!!!! UNSAFE!!!!!!!!!!!! UNSAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can you prevent a blatter infection?

you can prevent this by not holding in your pee.... and NOT having ''unsafe sex'' if you want you can take vitmins to help your system to aviod getting a bladder infection!! good luck...happy holidays!!

Is semen release inside during pregnancy period unsafe?

It's perfectly safe to have sex whilst pregnant.

Can you shoot a 16 ga shell out of 12 ga?

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DANGER, DANGER, DANGER, DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNSAFE, UNSAFE, UNSAFE, UNSAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About a couple days after having unsafe sex if you have your period can you still get pregnant?

If you had unsafe sex then got your period, the chance is very slim that you got pregnant. Some women do still have a period when pregnant, but a couple of days later is way too early to tell. If you are on your period it is unlikely you could get pregnant, but it *can* happen. If you are sexually active, talk to a trusted adult (and your parents will be cooler in the end than you think they will be, trust me on this) and discuss birth control options and ALWAYS use a condom. As someone who has been down that road, you have a long time to have a family and you don't want your young life that should be full of fun hampered by a child or the fact that you have an STD.

Can you shoot 7mm Remington through a 7mm rum gun?

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DANGER, DANGER, DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNSAFE, UNSAFE, UNSAFE, UNSAFE

How do you use the word unsafe in a sentence?

Doing dangerous things will make you unsafe. Inspectors found unsafe conditions in the company's factory.

If you get your period a week after unsafe sex can you still be pregnant?

yes baby im sorry girl i will pray for you and your new family

What is an unsafe query Give an example and explain why it is important to disallow such queries?

A query in which the output is possibly infinite. This most often occurs in queries which are recursive or which contain negation. Such queries are disallowed by many database management systems to prevent unsafe queries.

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