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There are no special risks or dangers from using Birth Control pills continuously, without taking the placebo pills.

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Q: Is it unsafe to start a new pack of birth control pills right after the previous one to prevent your period?
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Is there any medicine that will stop period for a month?

You can alter the course of your period with birth control and when you choose to take or not take it, but it is unhealthy, unsafe, and not recommended. So, no. Nature is nature, youre a woman, deal with it.

What is the difference between safe and unsafe period?

During your menstrual cycle there is a period known as safe which is when you don't ovulate. The opposite is the period when you do ovulate which is unsafe if you want to avoid pregnancy. Some couples rely ion this as a contraceptive but it's very unsafe since women don't always ovulate at the same days each month.

You had unsafe sex 2 days ago then you got your period on time can you still be pregnant?

No. A "period" is your sign that you are not pregnant.

can you be pregnant if you Had a quick period after coming off the pill then had unsafe sex?


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I'm sure it has happened more than once but one is Margaret Sanger who went to jail for giving out birth control to women before it was legal. She knew birth control would prevent illegal and unsafe abortions.

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