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Not knowing the mileage or the condition of the vehicle, this is a difficult question to respond to. CR-V engines are the same engines as in the Civic and they should be as common as dirt. But - whether you should buy a replacement or have the original re-built depends on too many factors that are unknown. Look at the cost of the re-build versus the replacement cost of the vehicle and/or it's value on the used car market. and make your decision.

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Is your car worth fixing?

You usually will want to get an estimate in order to determine if your car is worth fixing. Many times, if it is your engine, it is not going to be worth fixing.

Is it worth fixing up an old 1985 Pontiac Fiero that has no engine?

everythign is worth fixing. itd probable be no good to drive even with an engine but it could be sold to a collecttor, people will buy anything these days.

Is a 2000 Ford Taurus worth fixing?

The engine went out on my car, is it worth putting another engine. They are charging me $500 for the engine and $300 for labor. $800 total

Is it worth fixing the timing belt on 1998 escort zx2?

Yes, if the car is in decent condition with a good transmission and no major engine problems.

Will a Honda CM400T engine fit in a Honda 250 Rebel?

You can, but it will require cutting and adding framing on the front and lower part of the engine cradle. It's really not worth the trouble unless you have lots of frame and design experience. Sorry.

What is a 1984 Honda cr 60 worth?

what is a 1984 Honda cr60 worth today

How much is a 1994 Honda Cr125 worth?

How much is a 1994 Honda Cr125 worth?

How much is a xr50 Honda dirt bike worth?

xr50 honda how much is it worth

Can a cracked engine block on a 1998 Honda Passport be repaired?

Theoretically, anything can be repaired. I doubt the cost would be worth it, depending on where the crack is. I would look into a jasper remanufactured engine.

How do you fix a broken glue gun?

I fling them away, not worth fixing.

What can you do with a car that is still financed but has a blown engine and is not worth fixing?

Continue to make the payments if you value your credit score Otherwise it will be repossessed running or not and that's a big black mark on your credit

How much is your 1992 Honda fourtrax 300 worth?

On kelly blue book a 92 Honda 300 is worth $1375.00.

Internal head gasket leak for one year is it worth fixing?

Depends on what engine it is. You can bet you have done some serious damage. Probably enough to make it not worth repairing. You will only know for sure by opening it up and looking at all parts.

Is it worth fixing acura 2002 tl trans 115500 miles?

Honda and acura extended the warranty on the trans in both cars to appr. 112000, i would check with my local dealer before deciding if you have not already. they replaced two for me.

Is an old furnace worth fixing?

In most cases the answer would have to be no. Reasons why old furnaces are not worth fixing: 1.It's not nearly as efficient as a new furnace 2.The cost of fixing it 3. Something else will probably go bad in the near future. 4.sometimes it is no longer safe to keep it running

How many miles can a 2002 Honda shadow 700 go for?

gas, about 150 miles engine life, the sky's is the limit (but a Honda shadow might not be worth the repair cost) be sure to get a compression test at around 100k miles

How much is a 1987 Honda 350 ATV worth?

If your Honda fourtrax is in "Excellent shape" it is still worth $900 listed in MudTerrain Motorsports.

Does the 1991 Honda Prelude have an interference fit engine?

I have a 1990 Honda Prelude, and it has what is called a high interference engine. So if you are asking because of the timing belt situation. Yes change it every 90 -100 thousand KM. If it breaks you could end up bending your valves and usually it is not worth repairing..

Is 2010 Honda civic ex-l worth fixing after totaled?

I would say no, even if you do it will always have reliability issues in the eyes of potential buyer when you eventually decide to sell your best bet is to sell it for scrap and buy a new car.

How much should it cost to repair the brakes on a 92 Honda Accord and with 150K miles is it worth the expense?

Depends on what is wrong. If it just needs new pads or shoes, it is definalty worth fixing if the car is in decent shape. Should be able to get it done for $100 to $150 provided you do not need new caliper or wheel cylinders.

How much is worth a Honda 1997 600cc?

how much dose it cost. 1997 Honda motorcycle 600

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