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Is it worth it to just get an associate's degree?


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April 30, 2012 12:00PM

It depends. There are many good careers that can be secured with an associates degree, however they are usually within the science or applied science area. These would include:

* Associates in Science (AS)

* Associates in Applied Science (AAS)

Let us take a look at just some of the career opportunities that are available with the associates degree.

Associate of Science (AS)

* Registered Nurse

* Emergency Health Services

* Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Treatment

* Information Systems Technology

* Radiation Therapy

* Respiratory Therapy

* Restaurant Management

* Radiology

* Nuclear Medicine

* Diagnostic Medical Sonography

* Sports Management

* Radiation Therapy

Associates in Applied Science (AAS)

* Administrative Support

* Civil Engineering Technology

* Dental Hygiene

* Electronics Engineering Technology

* Fire Science Technology

* Game Design, Creation, Development

* Mechanical Engineering Technology

* Physical Therapy Asisstant

* Paralegal

* Interpreters for the Deaf

* Interpreter of spoken Languages

The above are just some of the career paths available. Most of the above degrees are fully transferable to four year colleges and universities.

Now let us take a look at the Associates of Arts (AA) degree. This type of degree is typically designed for transfer to a four year institution. In general, it completes the first two years of the general cluster area required by the four year school. Thus, the student will have more courses in English composition, humanities, social sciences, exact sciences, with specific foundational courses particular to the individuals selected program of study.

The community college is a great place to start for a number of reasons to include:

* Easy entrance

* Smaller college community

* More individualized help

* Close to home

* More affordable

* Better student to professor ratio

So you can decide for yourself whether an associates is worth it. Every one is an individual having his/her own set of needs wants and desires. What may be the best practice for one, may not necessarily be the best practice for others. Still, I hope the above will help you in that decision making process.