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No, it is not worth the effort. Just bite the bullit and buy a new dishwasher I would disagree as I have done it. Almost all portable dishwashers are built ins that have been placed into a shell... much like building it into your counter. Now, the big differences are in the "feed" lines...power and water supply and drain lines. First, remove the unit from the shell.. about a half dozen screws along the bottom and back. Once removed from the shell you will be able to access the power junction box located near the bottom of the unit. Remove the plug and cord, and wire in the hard wire feed. The drain and supply line have the sink tap adaptor on them, just cut the adaptor off with an exacto knife. Attach the drain line to the drain with the appropriate fitting on the drain and secure with a hose clamp. Secure the supply with the appropriate fitting. Install in counter and done. IF you already have, or have installed, a duplex electrical receptacle beneath the counter, then it is not really necessary to remove the power cord and "hardwire" the machine into the household electrical system.j3h. Some brands, like Kenmore, offer a conversion kit that makes the job much easier. Also, since Kenmore actually is a brand that uses other brands like Kitchenaid and Hobart as the actual dishwasher with just the brand name on top, you may be able to use Sears kits on other machines.

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2007-12-29 15:40:26
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Q: Is it worth the effort to try to install an existing portable dishwasher under the counter or just get another dishwasher?
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Can you put an under the counter dishwasher into a portable dishwasher housing?

Possibly if the housing is big enough.

What is the difference between a freestanding and a portable dishwasher?

well a portable dishwasher is on wheels so you can roll it to the sink and hook it up to your sink faucet. I'm really not sure what you mean by free standing but possibly it could be a dishwasher at the end of a counter top for which you would have to purchase an end paneo for it , It would be installed under the counter like a regular d/w . although free standing could also mean portable in some companies' brouchere. the most common unit is the under counter dishwasher which accounts for nearly 95% of units sold and is installed just as it is named, under the counter near a sink or water and drain supply and once installed is there until you replace it, the undercounter is also the least expensive because it needs no extra panels or parts.

If you need to replace a portable dishwasher but the top matches the counter can you take it off and put it on a new one?

Yes, you certainly can. I bought and old portable dishwasher with a chipped up and ugly top. Here's how: Open the door of the dishwasher and inspect the underside of the top. You'll notice a couple of screws holding some metal brackets (attached to the dishwasher) to the top. Just unscrew them (they'll be located front and back, probably) and lift off the top. Measure it and have a piece of butcher block cut to the same measurements. Then just fit the new top on the old dishwasher brackets and screw the screws up tight. I did this recently and it turned out great. Plus, the butcher block top now goes with everything.

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Where can one find information on a counter top dishwasher?

The Consumer Reports website and magazine has a buyers guide for many household appliances, including a counter top dishwasher. Specific information about a particular brand and model can be found at the manufacturer's website.

Dishwasher leaking from valve next to faucet water all over the counter top?

u may need to tighten it a little or just get a new dishwasher(new!)

How do you remove a dishwasher?

Shut the electrical breaker off and lock it out. Undo the drain hose under your sink. Shut off the water supply under the sink to your dishwasher.Take the bottom front panel off the dishwasher. Undo the water supply attachment to your dishwasher. Open the door to your dishwasher and take out the screws attaching the dishwasher to the counter. Undo the electrical connection to the dishwasher. Slide the dishwasher out. You may have to adjust the legs to get the dishwasher out. If you have a new dishwasher to install, read the directions for installing it, do the reverse to take the old one out.

Dishwasher Who makes a low priced under counter dishwasher that wont quit before six months time?

I am betting on a Ge or Kenmore unit built by GE. It has a real motor.

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The Versatility of a Maytag Portable Dishwasher?

Perhaps you're renting or own a home which has not been furnished with a dishwasher. This doesn't mean that you have to do without such a convenience. Known for their durability, ease of use, performance, and value, a Maytag portable dishwasher can be easily added to nearly any kitchen space. No one likes to purchase an appliance, only to wind up disappointed or downright frustrated with its performance. Portable dishwashers are designed to function just as well as ones built in under a counter-space. Though some of the models may sport less features, they're built to last and to get your dishes squeaky clean. The beauty of a Maytag portable dishwasher is really its versatility. They can be purchased in several different sizes, almost guaranteeing you can find one which will work in your situation. Maybe you're intending to remodel and install a dishwasher at some point, or perhaps you're looking for a place that already has one. In the meantime, investing in a portable dishwasher may be an excellent way to go until you can actually do so. As technology continuously evolves, it effects nearly every industry. Appliances are no exception. Each year new Maytag portable dishwasher models come out boasting of quieter performance and sleeker design. In terms of value, Maytag is consistently a chart topper, producing dishwashers which are well worth the small investment. With so many families working long hours, and students living an on-the-go lifestyle, they can be a real time saver, and free families up to spend more time doing the things they love. Though dishwashers do require humans to load them, fill them with detergent, and turn them on, they don't require a half an hour standing at the sink like washing them by hand would. It used to be that dishwashers were considered a luxury, but nowadays it seems they're almost considered a necessity. What a Maytag portable dishwasher does is simply provide a tangible solution for those who thought a dishwasher wasn't possible in their present situation.

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