Is it wrong for a 12-year-old to be in love with a 10-year-old?

At 12 you have many, many years to get into romance and relationships, and the 10 yr old has even more time. What's the rush? I would worry more about homework.

Love is something that happens when you're ready for it, which usually means older than 12 (or 10!). Still, age is not a big deal when it comes to love. There are plenty of older people who love each other and are not the same age. There is nothing weird or freaky about loving someone a couple of years younger than you.

Oh, anonymous person, you forget how age difference is so big at this age! For your parents, they're basically on the same maturity level as each other. What this person is asking is basically "Is it alright for a 7th grader to be in love with a 5th grader?" Twelve year olds now are so much more precocious, yet ten year olds are basically still the same. It depends a lot on which gender is the older.


Age matters for a certain period of time especially during your teenage years. For example it is not a good idea for a person who is around 17 to go out with a 13 year old , relationships like that seldom work. Even though this kid is only two years younger to you, you'll constantly be 2 years ahead of this kid in terms of maturity and bunch of other stuff. Its ok to like him , but if you are going for a relationship then its best you wait for a few years (and get to know him in the process) and maybe things will work out. There is nothing wrong in an age gap for marriage, but during your teenage years, you want to get away and spend time with people your own age and who can relate to things you are going through, so wait awhile till you start a relationship with this kid.


Why is it that so many people try to put an age limit on something as personal as love. Of course there's nothing wrong with it. Anyone can be in love as long as the love is true. If you feel that passionately about each other than you wont even be considering what age you are. Love is natural and doesn't have an rules. We can't bottle it up and try to say what it can and cannot do.


You can't control how you feel. You might love her or maybe you just aren't comfortable around girls your own age and want to aim younger. It's fine but don't tell her or make it apparent to anyone until she is a little older. It could be very awkward for both of you if she knows this young. She's not mature enough or ready for dating or any kin


no its not its only a 2 yr difference why should it bother you. a 22 yr old can go out with a 20, so y cant u


First of all LOVE would be the wrong word to say.. hah it should actually be LIKE-LIKE but anyways.. no its not... listen it doesnt matter what age you are, what grade, what what what... it all depends and goes back to YOU! plus its your personal life.. ur choice of who you want to like or hate, what you want to eat or i right? of course i am :) hah but yea.. so its ok plus some of my mom's friends married someone and there 5-10 years older then there husbands!! do u believe it.. cuz i dont. hah :)

no no no!never think that!not all me and women are the same age!some women are older than their husbands or boyfriends!

If you are for sure you love them all that matters is that you are there for each other

Answer: alright your 12 so no need to fall in love but its fine. my friends parents liked each other when they were 13 and 11! pretty cool huh! so dont worry its just feelings!

I think there is noting wrong with a 12 year old to love a 10 year old!!!!