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Q: Is it wrong for a 12 year old to have a 16 year old boyfriend?
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Is wrong for your 12 year old boyfriend want to makeout with you?

Yes, you are too young.

How do you a 12 year old boyfriend?

how do you what a 12 year old boyfriend snog / kiss

Is a 12 year old too young to go out with a14 year old?

Nope 12 and 14 is fine .... im 12 and my boyfriend is 14....theres a year and a half between me and my boyfriend... its no big deal.. its fine... :) xxx Yeah thats your opinion to bad your wrong but okay

Is it wrong for a 12 year-old to be seeing a 20 year-old?

Dating is not wrong; sex is wrong and illegal.

Is it wrong for an 12 year old to like a 15 year old?


Can a 12 year old girl have a boyfriend?

A 12 year old girl is kind of young to have a boyfriend. It would be better 12 year old boys and girls work on just being friends first, until they are a bit older.

Should a ten year old kiss a ELEVEN year old?

There is nothing wrong with that. There is probably a few years between your parents. I am 16 and my boyfriend is 17. I think that is perfectly acceptable. I am 13 and my boyfriend is 12 and we have kissed many many times there is nothing wrong with that. They are too young.

What to get your 12 year old boyfriend for christmas?

a stuffed animal.

Can you get pregnant from your 12 year old boyfriend?

If his balls have dropped

Is it okay for your 12 year old boyfriend to say he loves you?

Yes, it is perfectly fine for your twelve year old boyfriend to say he loves you.

Can a twelve year old be Selena Gomez's boyfriend?

No. Selena Gomez is 19. That would be worrying if a 12 year old child was her boyfriend.

Is a 12 year old too young to have a boyfriend?

look 12 years old is not too young for a boyfriend..... im 12 and ive been seeing the same guy for 1 year and 6months... and hes14 years old i had my first boyfriend at 9 ... that's bad! but 12.. no problem... xxx

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