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Is it wrong for a 19-year old to get his 12-year old girlfriend pregnant?

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Yes, it seems very wrong to me. I don't think she should be that close to anyone in her life yet. Comfort her in times of need, and talk to her parents to make sure they're not out of their mind in worry.

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Is it wrong for a 15year old to date a 12year old?

No its not wrong to date a 15year old when your 12.As long as he knows your 12 and stilll loves you.You guys will be fine!:)

Is it wrong to have a boyfriend if he has a girlfriend that's 8 months pregnant?

Yes, very wrong. Consider yourself in the girlfriend's place. That could be you. Obviously, he has some very large resposibility and commitment issues.

Ok my girlfriend took 3 ept pregnancy tests and they all say pregnant but is it possible they're wrong if she might have done them wrong?

Face the facts- she's pregnant And dude- are you callin her an !diot?? coz i mean how cud she do them wrong i hope u didnt acuse her of doing them wrong coz she is probably scared enough to answer your stupid questions

Is beating your girlfriend wrong?

Yes, it is very wrong.

How shold a guy react to his pregnant girlfriend if she doent mop the floor?

No it is wrong to do so. A guy should help instead considering the condition of the lady.

Is it wrong for you to lean on his shoulder even if he has a girlfriend?

No it's not wrong especially if his girlfriend was your friend and he was ok with it so should you

Due date of Roger Federers baby?

His girlfriend is not pregnant. Wrong!! His now wife is very much pregnant, and all they'll say is the baby is due in the summer of 2009... Summer is June 21---Sept 20, so who knows the exact date? But Mirka is indeed very pregnant, and is Mrs Federer now, not just Roger's girlfriend!!

If you put the condom on wrong and you had pre-ejaculate in it but then you switched it to the right side can your girlfriend be pregnant?

If any semen is on the wrong side of the condom then it is possible to get pregnant. If this occurs throw that condom away and use another one. If you do not have anymore condoms then please try to wait for another time when you are together to finish. I know this will be hard but it is the safest way to not get pregnant.

Is it wrong to sleep with your ex-girlfriend?

No not at all just dont get AIDS

Does Moises have a girlfriend now?

no he does not have a girlfriend i believe but if I'm wrong plz correct me

How do you know that he still with his girlfriend or not?

what's wrong??.. she's his girlfriend in the first place. -samishiyoru

What are you doing wrong to get pregnant?

If you get pregnant most probably you are doing it wright.

Is Kenny Chesney's girlfriend pregnant?

I don't know but here is a pic of herhttp://www.myspace.com/peggylynndavidsonLMBO Peggy Davidson is NOT Kenny Chesney's girlfriend. Skylene Montgomery who also happens to be miss west Virginia is Kenny's girlfriend!

I am seventeen and I can't get pregnant What is wrong?

You're 17, what the hell do you want to get pregnant for!?!?!??!!

What is wrong in having a girlfriend?

It doesn't hurt to have a girlfriend if you're a mature responsible teen, but if she is taking over your life or making you do things you don't want to do then something's wrong.

Is it wrong to flirt with a boy who has a girl?

No, it's not wrong, but it's wrong after a while of doing it when it's wrong for him to start to talk you when he has a girlfriend, I would stop.

Can 11 year old kids have a girlfriend?

ya even though they are 11 they still can have a girlfriend its not wrong

Can you laugh hard while you are pregnant?

Yes. There is nothing wrong with laughing while you are pregnant!

If you did something wrong in your life but before your relationship with your boyfriend but you told him but he did'nt forgive you and left you?

is it wrong or right to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend about something wrong you did before you met?(before your relationship together) is it wrong or right to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend about something wrong you did before you met?(before your relationship together)

Is it wrong to fantasise about your girlfriends twin sister?

no, its not even wrong to sleep with her, just say you thought it was your girlfriend

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