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It's not wrong. it's love! It is also a real challenge. LOL *Well, at 14 you can't even get married in most states. You have no ability to support or take care of a child. You can't rent a home, buy a car or establish credit. And what would your parents say? You are certainly not ready at 14 to have and care for a child. You are still one yourself physically. *It's not wrong to want anything. It would become wrong if you decided to actually have a baby at 14, though. First of all, everything the person said in the last post is true. You would be bringing a baby into the world that in no way are you capable of taking care of. You're not even able to take care of yourself, so who would take care of you both? Your boyfriend? That's doubtful. Chances are it would be your parents, and that's not fair to them, the baby, or you. Have you thought about how your life would change? I know a girl who got pregnant at 13 and had her baby at 14. She was no longer able to do the things she wanted to do, and her teachers treated her so much like dirt that she dropped out and finished high school at an adult learning center. That didn't make for much fun during her teenage years, and she would be the first person to tell you to wait until you are older to even have sex. Chances are the boyfriend you have now won't even be your boyfriend for more than a few months. The girl I know was madly in love with the baby's father, and he was in love with her, too. It didn't last, though, and relationships at 14 seldom do. So, there you would be: a mother tied down to a child, missing out on regular teenage activities and the boy would be off having fun with some other girl. It wouldn't make for much of a life for you, would it? I suggest you think very seriously about your desire to have a child at 14 and make the truly mature decision to grow up yourself before bringing another life into this world. Deb

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My boyfriend wants a baby i dont Im only 14?

This is wrong. First of all, you are only 14. If you dont want a baby, then that is good. But he should know better than to ask a fourteen-year-old to have a baby. If he really loves you, he would wait AT LEAST until you would be 18 to have a baby with you. I suggest getting married first.

Is it wrong for a 14 year old girl to want to go visit her 17 year old boyfriend that is in the detention center?


If you are 14 is it weird to want a baby?


How do you tell your mom you want a boyfriend and only 14?

I don't know, I guess you would say, 'mum, I want a boyfriend.'

If you're 14 years old and have a baby can you move in with your boyfriend?

NO, it is illegal everywhere.

You are 14 years old and you want to wear diapers what is wrong?

There is nothing wrong with that.

Is it weird to be 14 years old and have never had a boyfriend before?

Not really, you can get a boyfriend whenever you want, my sister had her first boyfriend when she was 21

Can a 14 year old that has a baby live with her boyfriend?

With her parents/legal gaurdian's consent.

You are 16 and your boyfriend is 17 and has his own place you have a baby on the way is there any way around needing a parents consent?

If you want to get married go to Arkansas, you can get married at 14 without a parents consent If you want to get married go to Arkansas, you can get married at 14 without a parents consent

If your boyfriend is 19 and your 14 and want to get married can you do that without him getting arrested?


What should you do if you want a boyfriend at the age of 14 which you do not believe is correct but cannot help it?

Probably a lot of things that you definitely should not do. No one at the age of 14 needs a boyfriend and you can help it.

What can i get my 14 year old boyfriend for our one year anniversary I want it to be special?

For a 14 year old boyfriend, you can buy him a mountain bicycle, to mark your one year anniversary.

What are the release dates for The Steve Wilkos Show - 2007 I Want Your Baby 1-14?

The Steve Wilkos Show - 2007 I Want Your Baby 1-14 was released on: USA: 27 September 2007

Is a 14 year old allowed to keep her baby?

why not it's her baby. if she doesn't want it then she doesn't have it.

What should you get your 14 year old boyfriend?

cologne, you can never go wrong and if you like the smell of it he will wear it all the time to impress you and to just get a little closer when you want to take a whiff of his manly scent.

Can a 14 years old girls kiss their boyfriends?

It is their choice, if they want to kiss their boyfriend. If they do, then yes they can kiss their bf at 14.

Is it illegal for an 14 year old girl to live in her OWN house alone with her boyfriend in another state?

Yes it is very wrong and it is also illegal for a 14 year old girl to stay with a boyfriend in another state. As the boyfriend will also be a minor , and if they have sex then it is a arrestable offence.

Can my boyfriend get arrested im 14 he is 19 and I am pregnant with his baby?

yes, unless both parents are perfectly okay with it.

If you are pregnant and 14 can your parents get your 16 year old boyfriend in any trouble And is there any way you can have and keep the baby?

Yes, your boyfriend can be tried and hanged for it. Also, the government will take your baby and sell it to a Chinese restaurant, where they will make chow mein out of it.

What is the percentage of 3 wrong out of 14 questions?

You need to divide 3 / 14, then multiply the result by 100 to get percent. That gives you the percentage of wrong answers.Note that if you want the percentage of RIGHT answers, divide 11 / 14, then multiply by 100 to get percent.

How do you get pregnant at 14?

Why would you want a baby at 14 you still have 3 or 4 year of school yet to complete.

What should you do if you are 14 and pregnant and want to keep the baby but you are afraid to tell anyone?

If you are in a state with 14 year old marrages alowed, then tell the father and maybe get married if you must then secretly, that way you get to keep the baby and nobody has to find out. Best of luck!

What does having a boyfriend at 14 years old mean?

It means you are young to be in a relationship.... people may look at you the wrong way because of it

Can your boyfriend go to jail if your 14 and pregnant and hes 19?

only if your parents want to press charges.

How old do you have to be to babysit in Virginia?

However old the parents of the baby want you to be... lol14+

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