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Each to their own, but no man gives away his assets without something in return. That's always been the lesson in life. Some people enjoy this sort of thing and this includes the man. If the man is older he may not care, and if the man is younger then he may not want any commitments. "Sugar Daddies" have been around for a long while (they buy you anything your heart desires.) If you can live with yourself then you are in control of your own life. When I was in my mid-20s I had the opportunity to be supported by a lawyer. He would give me anything my little heart desired, but I had to be there on most weekends and anytime he was in town. I would have my own penthouse, fancy care and charge cards. Now, some people would say "go for it" and believe me when I say some of my girlfriends told me to grab it. Well I didn't! I don't want to be owned in that way. I want my own independence and I don't like using people. If you talk to a prostitute (and I have) they say they have many women (including wives) snubbing their noses down on them and even leading the parade of outraged women against prostitution, and some of these very same women PROSTITUTE THEIR LIVES to gain what they want. At least prostitutes are honest. Can you live with yourself? If you can, go for it, if you have any self decency remain true to yourself, stand on your own two feet and don't be in debt to anyone! There is always a price to pay for any actions we take. Marcy

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Q: Is it wrong to just want a sugar daddy?
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