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Use of your left hand in certain cultural environments can be considered as an insult as the left hand is considered 'dirty,' whereas the right hand is clean. Similarly, displaying the soles of your shoes could be considered as a direct insult.

Outside of Western cultures, it is advisable to always keep this in mind so as not to cause offence. However, should you find yourself in an awkward position, such as sitting next to someone who is on your left, it is hardly practical for you to use your right hand should they ask you to please pass the salt. Some people, attempting the difficult task, go to great lengths to use their right hand to reach past themselves, to hand the salt to the individual to their left. However, it really isn't necessary as the circumstance is axiomatic. The individual, unless highly over-sensitive to every nuance, should be accepting of the circumstance in which you were required to use your left hand. However, in such an instance, it really isn't necessary to offer an apology.

It should be mentioned, however, if it involves the passing of food by hand, in particular, every effort should be made to ensure you've used your right hand. If you are in a cultural environment where dining utensils are not used, and you are using your hand to reach for food, under no circumstance should your left hand be used.

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no it is not

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Q: Is it wrong to say excuse my left when giving someone an item with your left hand?
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