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No, it is not possible to see the sunrise and sunset at the same place in a single day. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west due to the Earth's rotation. However, during certain times of the year in polar regions, there may be phenomena like the midnight sun where the sun is visible at midnight, but this is not simultaneous with sunset.

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You can see sunrise and sunset at the same place at Grand Canyon (Hopi Point).

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North of the Arctic Circle there are times when it never gets dark at night. The sun is visible all night. So I guess sunrise and sunset are the same.

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Sunrise and sunset is observed from a persons locality on Earth. Therefore, a person can't observe the sunset or sunset at the same time.

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Q: Is it you can see sunrise and sunset at the same place?
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Can you see the moon before sunset and after sunrise?

Yes you can see it before and after sunset!

Can you see a sunset on the moon?

You probably can, if you can see a sunrise!!

Why can't we see the earth's sun set and rise if we were on the moon?

Because a sunrise or sunset are local phenomena. You cannot see such things if you are not in that location. The sunrise on the earth refers to when the sun appears over the local horizon or disappears below it for sunset. Where you are affects affects what you see astronomically speaking. On the moon you would see the local sunrise and sunset for your location on the moon.

When is the best time to see faries?

Sunrise or sunset

Can you see the sunset on the Atlantic and sunrise on the Pacific?

panama panama

What do you get between sunrise and sunset?

That would vary from place to place, and from day to day. You can see the times of sunrise and sunset for an entire year on the U.S. Naval Observatory's Astronomical Data web page at the link below.

1 fact about Mercury?

You can only see Mercury at sunrise and sunset.

When can you find mercury in the night sky?

It's a difficult one to see as it is orbits so close to the sun and is within our orbit. You can only see it just after sunset or before sunrise, and it has to be in the right place relative to the earth and sun. It will either follow on just after the sun at sunset, or come into view just before the sun at sunrise.

Why cant you see Venus from earth?

You can before sunrise and after sunset because it is close to the sun

You must turn your headlights on minutes after sunset and leave them on until minutes before sunrise?

It is recommended to turn your headlights on 30 minutes after sunset and keep them on until 30 minutes before sunrise for optimal visibility and safety when driving in low-light conditions. This ensures that you can see the road clearly and other drivers can see your vehicle.

What will the sunrise and sunset look like as a red giant?

You'll see the sun 200x bigger than today, and the sky will be black (either in sunrise or in sunset) because the heat of the sun will evaporate all of our atmosphere.

What two time in the day should you look in the sky to see venus?

Near sunrise and sunset.