Is java DBMS

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Java is not dbms..

Java is a programming language

Dbms is database

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Q: Is java DBMS
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Which dbms software is best supported by java?

Java does not have any bias or tendency to be aligned towards any single DBMS system. It can interface with all DBMS softwares like Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, IBM Db2 etc. We can connect and use all the above mentioned dbms systems in our java applications

What is class in DBMS?

class in dbms is nothing but a collection of attributes.... class in java is defined as collection of objects....:D

How DBMS works in computers?

DBMS actually manages the storage, without DBMS you have to explicitly store the table definition and its contents in a file and retrieve it. This is a headache if there are many tables, this process is simplified by the software called DBMS, using this you can query the tables. query is nothing but calling the functions of the program called DBMS, if you want even you can create your own DBMS in c , java etc and have your queries defined in the form of functions.

Which types of JDBC drivers allows your java programs to communicate with the ODBC driver of your dbms?

JDBC - ODBC bridge

What are jntu hyderabad 2 2 subjects?

Type your answer here... se dbms co os es java

What are highlights of DBMS?

NA_ what are highlights of advanced DBMS what are highlights of advanced DBMS what are highlights of advanced DBMS



What is the importance of database design in DBMS?

DBMS is Database management system .Database design is very important in DBMS, It serves as a foundation of DBMS.

Why Microsoft Excel is dbms?

Microsoft Excel is not a DBMS. It is a spreadsheet application. A DBMS is a database management system. While Excel does have some database capabilities, it is not a DBMS.

What are rows in dbms?

In DBMS the data is stored in the form of table . Each row in DBMS is known as tuple.

What are the importance of dbms in industrial environment?

importance of DBMS

What is DBMS in Microsoft?

DBMS is Database Management System.

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