Is judaism monothestic?


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I am pretty sure considering the fact that Judaism and Christianity have the same god. Judaism just call god Jehovah (English spelling on name)

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Judaism was the first monotheistic religion.

Absolutely monotheistic! This is the one (and only?) fundamental doctrine of Judaism. It is, of course, the first of the Ten Commandments, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

Monothestic means that you/religion believe in one god

its a absolute monothestic.

polytheism. They believe in many Gods.!!

yes they believe in many gods

Buddhism is not about a god or a supreme creator.

Taoism is NOT a religion,It's a way of life.The "tao" is everything.

Yes and no. Some Hindus are monotheistic, some are polytheistic, and some are atheistic.

Buddhists are non-theists. God(s) have no role to play in the path to enlightenment.

Confucianism does not have any gods. It is a socio-philosophical that improves individuals and society.

they are polythestic which means they believe in more than one God or in many Gods

Both are named after their Founders. Christianity is monothestic, while Buddhism is polytheistic.

It is niether, nor is it monothestic or polytheistic, the Buddhist say that there is no god therefore no ism

I am a Zoroastrian and i know for a fact it is considered old because it is the oldest monothestic religion. Monothestic meaing beliveing in one god. Our religion has still many old traditions and if anyone wants to know about any of it, please do ask me and ill gladly answer :)

Zoroastrianism one of the world's oldest monothestic religions, dated to 3500BC.

Simplistically then: Judaism believes God is One as the 'shema' says in Deuteronomy 6:4 Christians believe God is One currently with 2 Divine members (see John 10:30) Islam believes God is solely One and needs no other member, son, partner - only Allah.

No. Polythestic means you believe in many gods. Christianity only believes in one god so it's Monothestic.

The first known monotheistic society was that of the Hebrews in Judea. Later certain groups of gentiles also shared this belief.

There are no rooms in Judaism. Judaism is a religion, not a building.

Judaism is called Judaism.

Opposite of the lack of Judaism? Judaism.

Judaism is the religion in Judaism. It is the religion of the Jews.

Christianity is similar to Judaism. Islam is similar to Judaism. Baha'i is similar to Judaism.

A monotheistic religion worships one god. The prefix mono means one and theism is the belief of a higher power (god or gods).

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