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Karan Johar is not married. He has no plans of getting married, and has publicly said that only mad people get hitched, implying that he never wants to get married.

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What is cast of Karan johar?

karan johar is rajput jatt

When was Karan Johar born?

Karan Johar was born on May 25, 1972.

What is karan johar father name?

yash johar

How old is Karan Johar?

Karan Johar is 45 years old (birthdate: May 25, 1972).

What is religion of karan johar?


Is it karan johar is Muslim?


How tall is karan johar?


What is Karan Johar's birthday?

Karan Johar was born on May 25, 1972.

Is karan johar a gay?

No Karan Johar is not gay. There is no official confirmation for that statement. He is a well known bollywood movie director and directs in a good manner.

Is Karan Johar a Hindu?

Karan Johar is yes a Hindu. He is a very famous director of Indian origin. His sexual orientation is generally asked questions about.

Karan johar email address?

plz call 9098431168

What is karan johar height?

5 feet 8 inch

Who are all the gay actors in Hindi?

Karan johar and shahrukh khan

How tall is kangana ranaut?

4'11....this was sais by her in the interview with karan johar.

What is the mystery behind Sushant Singh Rajput death?


How do you contact Karan Johar?

Karan Johar can be contacted through his production company. The official mailing address is; 29 Jains Arcade, 2nd Floor, 14th Road, Khar W, Mumbai 400052, India.

Who are gay celebrities in India?

karan johar-- famous producer and director in India

What is sanaya irani boyfriend name?

Sanaya irani loves Karan johar

What are some movies that Karan Johar has acted in?

Karan Johar has acted in films since 1998. He is a famous Bollywood actor having been featured in over twenty films some of which include: "Wake up Sid", "My name is Khan", and "Student of the Year".

Is abha and karan married in real life?

No they are not married suhasi{abha} is married to jay dhami and karan is single

Is Shahrukh Khan is gay?

no he is not a gay. his name is often connected with karan johar. he has a wife and 2 children.

Who won the Filmfare Award for Best Director in 1999?

Karan Johar for the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Email ID of Film Director karan johar?

haye karan my name is waqas i write a story and decided i can make film of this story my story title name is "a student life"

Is Karan Wahi married?


Is karan kundra married?