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he has a muslim name an he IS muslim

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How tall is Khalil Madovi?

Khalil Madovi Aka Josh CarterHe is officially 5"11

How old is Khalil Madovi?

Khalil Madovi (Josh Carter on 4' O'clock Club) is 20 years old (born November 10, 1997).

Is maxim khalil Muslim?

No Maxim Khalil is a Christian not a Muslim.

Is khalil fong Muslim?

Khalil Fong is not a Muslim. He's a Bahai.

Is Khalil Sharieff Muslim?

No Khalil is not Muslim. He is African American & is a Christian

Is khalil Muslim?

If you mean a Muslim name , then yes

Is Khalil Madova a Muslim?

Yes. The name sounds to be a Muslim. But Khalil may also be a Christian name, especially of Christians living in Muslim countries.

Is Khalil a Muslim name?

Yes, it is a Muslim Arabic name that mean friend in English.

Who are the Muslim baseball players?

The first and only Muslim of Arab descent to play in MLB was Sam Khalifa for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1985. Padres' shortstop Khalil Greene belongs to the Baha'i Faith. The name Khalil is Arabic for 'friend'.

Who was the first Muslim to play major league baseball in the US?

Pittsburgh Pirate, Sammy Khalifa, in 1982 was the first Muslim MLB. Now the San Diego Padre Khalil Green is a Baha'i.

Does khalil kain have a girlfriend?

does Khalil have a girlfriend?

How tall is Khalil Maasi?

Khalil Maasi is 6'.

Khalil gibran is originally from?

khalil gibran was originally from Lebanon.

When was Khalil Mamut born?

Khalil Mamut was born in 1977.

When did Khalil Ibrahim die?

Khalil Ibrahim died in 2011.

When was Khalil Ibrahim born?

Khalil Ibrahim was born in 1957.

When was Khalil Beidas born?

Khalil Beidas was born in 1874.

When did Khalil Beidas die?

Khalil Beidas died in 1949.

When was Khalil Hamra born?

Khalil Hamra was born in 1979.

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