Is kshatriya raju caste a forward or backward caste?

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the caste name is kshatriyas, raju is not name of the caste they are the only recoginsed vedic kshatriyas of south india
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Patnaiks comes under forward caste or low caste?

Answer . They are Karanas, hence forward caste.. Patnaik are Forward cast they are other wise called as Bhrama. kshyatriyas. Meaning on Patnaik is Pat : Intelligent Naik : King. This is a Sanskrit word.. They are also called as Karana's. history says they are part of Harsha & Kalinga dynast ( Full Answer )

What is a cast?

Cast: Used to immobilise broken bones OR The first step in making a mold for dentures etc or The group of people called actors in plays, TV shows movies and so on defenition:a slight hint or trace of some color

What is a caste?

Hinduism developed out beliefs of Aryans in Ancient India and many other countries. Part of that belief system says that all things have a place in nature's order. An age-old Indian social structure has its roots in that idea. According to the Aryans, it was the law of nature that people belonged to ( Full Answer )

How do you cast on?

I hunted around and found you a set of complete instructions with pictures. See the link.

What is casting?

Casting is a process of pouring molten metal into a mold to form apart. After removing from the mold, the part may be machined andheat treated for use. The part is referred to as a casting. Themetal is usually more porous than other types of metals. A Forging is a part made by hammering steel into a ( Full Answer )

Does sourashtra come under forward caste?

No. According to Central Governmet of INdia, and State Governments of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Sourashtra community is listed Backward class. And it is not forward class though they some time call themself as Brahmins. T.R. Bhaskar @ R. Bhaskara Narayanan, Salem Yes, Sourashtra [Pattu noo ( Full Answer )

What caste does Raju belong to?

Raju is a Telugu variation of the Sanskrit word Raj and Raja meaning King , Prince or Lord. Rajus (Rajulu in Telugu) is used to refer to a prominent and influential Telugu Kshatriya Caste in Andhra Pradesh . Kshatriya Rajus are said to be descende ( Full Answer )

How do you get a cast?

You get a felt thing on the place of the cast, then the plaster and it hardens over it i think.

Is ansari extreme backward castes?

yes becoz of low education and their olf pattern of weaving clothes which do not yild quantity and quality of clothes as new tecnologis do

Is muthuraja caste comes under backward class?

No, It is a very high ranked caste, where in ancient times, the Raja's(Kings) belonged to this caste. Due to loss of Kingdoms, Change , the people belonging to this caste had become economically poor. But now things have changed and The Muthuraja's have marked their presence in todays world.Here is ( Full Answer )

What caste raju belong to in Sikhism?

Raju or RAZU ( According to 'Castes and Tribes of Southern India' book by Thurston) is a Forward caste in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. They are also known as Andhra Kshatriyas. They wear Rishi Gotras viz. Vashishta, Dhananjaya, Koundinya and kashyapa. If you look at the Telugu country history ( Full Answer )

Do you know about Telaga cast is backward class or under cast?

i heard once upon a time the chief minister of andhra pradesh has declared in to backward class. later it has been removed from b.c listing, due to received pressure from b.c association of andhra pradesh. really need to put in b.c list because of many of families were still not reaching food, cloth ( Full Answer )

How can kshatriyas do to change to a different caste?

if you are a female, marry into one. The most important way is to acquire knowledge about your religion and practice it properly. After gaining wisdom you can become a full devotee and that way u will move into the brahmin way of life.

Why does casting shrink in casting process?

when the metal transition occurs from hot molten state to cold state then its volume get reduce by the evulutaion of heat due to metal solidification and it shrins so its remedy is that fill the molten metal slowly & properly & fill it upto sprue so that when it shrinks the molten metal from sprue m ( Full Answer )

Does maurya caste under comes under backward classes of uttar pradesh?

Maurya were the fiercest warriors and therefore royal Kshatriya in the age of Jainsim and Buddhism. However since they are a farming and agricultural caste now a days, they are listed as backward castes just like other many farming communities of India - a sign of passage of time.

Which caste is the lowest in the caste system?

brahmin first then kshatriya then vaishya then sudra then untouchables every time an untouchable came to a village they would bang sticks together to warn everybody that they were coming.

How many forward castes are there in andhra pradesh?

KAPU kamma,reddy, ,vysya,brahmin,raju,velma Here is the detailed list - OC Polinativelamas OC Komati OC Reddy OC Brahmin OC MahammadeeyuluOC Acharyulu OC Gujarathi OC Marwadies OC Sikhs OC Muslim OC IslamOC Telaga OC Kapu OC Thoti OC Karanam OC Velama OC Vysya OC NaiduOC Kamma OC Chowdary OC Raju O ( Full Answer )

Is caste system is caste discrimination?

Yes, caste system is the caste discrimination because one caste person cannot marry another caste person. It is forbidden by the Hindu clergymen - the original perpetuators of the Laws of Manu - social jurisprudence. Pleas also see: What is the caste division?

What is bairagi caste who is bairagi caste?

They are vaishnav brahmans. They worship vishnu. They are called by many names such as bairagi, swami, vaishnav brahmans, vishnuvanshi, sadhu, bawa etc. They are found in each part of india.

Is koiri is backward caste?

KOIRI OR KOERY--This is a caste which is originated from MAURYA VANSH or KUSH VANSH, known on the name of twin son of LORD RAMA(another being LAVA). After the Kalinga war, THE GREAT ASHOKA(58 th line of KUSHA) decided no further war. After that many soldiers were unemployed and subsequently they ha ( Full Answer )

Is vyshya chetty a forward cast in kerala?

vaisya cast is forward cast , but this chetty cast never belong to vaishya , according to "chathurvarnna " system brahmin,kshethriya, vaishya after that shudras , the vaishyas are forward cast

What caste and sub caste are harbola?

Harbola is not a caste. It is a title that a family of Kumaoni Brahmins received for their spiritual and religious lifestyle from the British. It is a derivative of the words "hari bol". The history of Harbolas is very recent and they are all related. The original surname of the person who received ( Full Answer )

Is bahti caste a schedule caste?

no bahti belon to o.b.c caste or some case forward caste bhati also called Ghirth means, Ghirth are a Hindu Rajput.They are also known as the Chaudhary

Is rajora caste a schedule caste?

Yes, RAJORA is a dalit caste. Rajora are also found amongst jats. The reason being some Rajoras were very cunning. And perhaps they thought by moving to the jats caste they could improve their social lot. So what may have happened is that some showed up at a far away jat village or town and started ( Full Answer )

Is mohta caste schedule cast?

The MOHTAs are Maheswaris/Marwaris. basically Mohta / Mohata is a title, in ancient ruling system in Rajputana state (now Rajasthan, India) prior to Independence , that means DEEWAN or Minister in the court of maharaja ( mainly in Bikaner state, and Jodhpur state) the gotra is Kaplansh (khap Rathi). ( Full Answer )

Is Nair a forward caste in kerala?

I don't like caste system, because there is just one caste - humanity. Everyone who does not have humanity are casteless. Nair is one of the caste in Kerala. If you see the caste system, Nairs are considered as Shudras who comes at the bottom in Hindu varna(color) system. First is Brahmins and then ( Full Answer )

Is KOHLI caste schedule caste?

No. KOHLI belongs to khatri caste or the business caste . Khatricaste is a business caste among Punjabis. Most of khatri peoplehave shops and are in business . However, "KOLI" caste is aschedule caste among Punjabis.

Is kori caste is a scheduled caste?

Kori caste is a northern Indian weaving caste. They have beengranted scheduled caste status. But there is a mistake for the info you provide. The Maurya, Saini,Kachchhis, Malis are not belong to the Kshatriya or the Kushwahacommunity . These people are not kshatriyas . They are the lowcastes of the ( Full Answer )

What are five castes in the caste system?

First was the Priest, then the Warriors, then the Merchants and theLand Owners, Next the Peasants and Slaves, Lastly the Outcastes(Untouchables)

Is koli are really rajput forward caste in mp?

By clan Koli's are spear headed noble Rajput's of india in ancienttimes but now due to their downfall and economical and socialcondition they have been made down or lower caste people in somestates whereas in states like uttarakhand they are koli rajputs inforward caste. In M.P. they comes under SC ( Full Answer )

How many castes in scheduled castes?

countless amount but main bhramin ,priest khsashtria,warriors vaishya,skilled merchants sudra , unskilled servants and out of the caste system are so low

Is debnath caste is backward caste?

One must know the following: 1) What is Hinduism, 2) What is Brahmanism or Vedic religion. 3) What are Non Vedic religions. Nath is a separate religion comes under Non Vedic category. In Non Vedic religion, there is no place of Casteism based on heredity. It is primarily based on "Guna" or quali ( Full Answer )

Is dham caste schedule caste?

Dhami belongs to the Jat caste, a community of Punjabi non-elite farmers. They claim to be degraded Kshatriyas, but are more accepted as Shudras. They are considered an OBC (other backward caste).

Is gahlot caste a low caste?

no, gahlot is a high caste of rajputs (earlier known as Gohil/guhilot and Sisodia/ranawat/Shaktawat/chundawat/nadoria/nadolia ets are its branchaes.

Is Nair a forward Hindu caste?

Nair is one of the caste in Kerala. All human are same. In that sense, you can not say one caste is forward or other is backward. If you see the caste system, Nairs are considered as Shudras who comes at the bottom in Hindu varna(color) system. First is Brahmins and then Kshathriyas(Mainly Verma) an ( Full Answer )

Is tonk kshatriya caste is higher than scheduled caste?

Tonk Kashatriya is higher class people. Tonk is palace andkshatriya from Tonk are Tonk Kshatriya. Tonk Kshatriya people areRajput families. The Kshatriya people pray to bitthal and BhagatNamdev Ji were pray to bitthal. So Kshatriya from Tonk thay justcalled Tonk Kshatriya the Rajput.

Is giri caste is upper caste?

Many famous saints from W. Bengal and Orissa add the suffix Giri to their names, hence it is supposed to be an upper caste.

What is the cast?

Cast can mean a few different things. Cast can be throwing afishing line out into the water, cast can also mean the charactersof a movie.

What is caste?

Each of the hereditary classes in Hindu society distinguished by degrees of ritual purity and of social status