Is laughing bad?

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NOOO laughitn isn't bad attall....infact laughing can make ur dayy!! laughing is good BUT only if you have a reason to laugh... lafing 4 no reason can be fun sumtimes but then it is annoying to other ppl!!!! but do keep smilingg

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Is laughing bad for you?

While laughing too much can be bad, laughter is good for the body.

Is too much of laughter good or bad?

Laughing is good and healthy for you.

Is laughing bad for a baby?

no, havnt you ever heard of laughter if the best medicine

Is it bad not to laugh in High School?

Yes, laughing could be a very attractive thing.

Does a dentist give you laughing gas for braces?

No. It doesn't hurt that bad, you won't need it.

What are the release dates for Bad Girls Club - 2006 Who's Laughing Now 10-11?

Bad Girls Club - 2006 Who's Laughing Now 10-11 was released on: USA: 26 March 2013

How do you stop laughing incontinence?

Get the bad news first. Stress, You must change your diet and exercise.

Can you strain one of your lungs from laughing?

laughter is a good medicine but frequent , loud laughter is bad for lungs. bursting out laughing pressurizes our thorax chamber and may be responsible for causing various diseases.

Is the word ho a bad word?

Depends on how it is used. As in Santa Claus laughing (Ho! Ho! Ho!) not a bad word. But calling someone a ho as an insulting name is a bad word.

What is the present progressive tense of laugh?

I am laughingWe/You/They are laughingHe/She/It is laughing

What sentence can you make with the word 'laughing'?

The children were laughing at the funny man. The accident was not a laughing matter.

What is the latin word for laughing?

Depending on the context, "laughing" can be translated bythe noun risus, -i, m., "laughter" ("Your laughing is getting on my nerves")the infinitive ridere, "to laugh" ("Laughing is good for your health")the gerund ridendum, -i, "laughing" ("He responded by laughing")the present participle ridens, -ntis "laughing" ("He stood before me laughing")

In Buddhism what does mi-lo-fo mean?

it means laughing buddha laughing laughing Buddha laughing Buddha

What is a laughing spell?

A laughing spell is when a person either finds something funny or, the are nervous and break out into laughing and it is difficult for them to stop laughing.

Why You don't like laughing?

everyone should like laughing. Laughing is very healthy for you.

What is a laughing owls food chain?

The food chain of a laughing owl is : laughing animals.

What is the present continuous form of laugh?

I am laughing. You are laughing. She/He is laughing. We are laughing. They are laughing. The present continuous tense follows this structure: Subject + auxiliary verb "be" + Present Participle (always ending in -ing)

Is laughing along in an embarressing moment good?

It can be both good and bad depending on the situation. It should be the way society accepts it.

How do you ask a boy that you love him with out him laughing?

By not laughing.

What is laughing Jack called as?

laughing jack

How do you spell laughing?

That is the correct spelling of "laughing."

What is the Hawaiian word for laughing?

laughing = 'aka'aka

Who is Laughing Jack is he real or not?

Laughing Jack or Laughing Jack was an imaginary friend to a little boy.

What does LRL stand for in text?

1) Laughing Rolling Laughing 2) Laughing Really Loud

What is the laughing cow laughing at?

It's not laughing at anything in particular; it's just the logo that suits the slogan of 'la-la-la the laughing cow'.