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no...its made from bees wax.

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Is lip balm made out of whale sperm?

No, lip balm is not made from whale sperm.

What is lip balm made out of?

either whale horse

Does lip balm expire?

no lip balm does not expire

Is palmers cocoa butter lip balm a good lip balm?


Is there a difference between lip balm and chap stick?

No, Chapstick is a brand name for lip balm. Like Nike is to shoes, chapstick is to lip balm.

Is lip balm a solution?

If you don't want to go crazy with the makeup yes lip balm is the solution. If your lips are chapped yes lip balm is the answer.

Where is Avon's lip balm made?

they do not want us to know.

Is Vaseline rosy lips a bad lip balm?

no, vasaline is a very good lip balm its better then normal lip balm because lip balm, lip gloss and mostly lip stick they all have led and fish scales in them. SO USE VASALINE THATS WHAT I DO

Is lip gloss and lip balm the same thing?

Lip balm is more denser then lip gloss, in lip balm there isn't really any color and if it has any color is is very little. Lip gloss is much more liquid then lip balm but it also has pigments. Lip gloss is good for your lips because if it has vitamin e it smooth your lips but lip balm can do this and more. Lip balm has many more ingredients like: Shae butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and some oil for the sent. So NO, lip balm and lip gloss is not the same!!!

Can lip balm be used as facial moisturizer?

no! lip balm is especially made for your lips to nourish them, applying it on your face may clog pores and cause breakouts!

Is lip balm addictive?

lip balm can become addictive especially if it is the flavored ones!

Can lip balm make your lips black?

No. unless it is black colored lip balm

Is Vaseline rosy lips a good lip balm?

no that lip balm is a terribble color

Is chapstick the same as lip balm?

Chap-Stick is a particular brand of lip balm.

Substitute lip balm?

Lip balm really cannot be substituted.But if you want to get your lips conditioned with a lip stick, I would go with tinted lip balm. Also you can use lip gloss, but really, there's no substitute!

Does lip balm have fiberglass?

No; most people who use lip balm don't want their lips sanded off, which would happen if they wore lip balm with fiberglass in it.

Can you put lip balm on top of lip gloss?

yes but if i where you i would do it the other way around your lip balm will get gowy

Is lip gloss made of spider sperm?

No, lip gloss is not made of spider sperm. Lip gloss used to be made of spermaceta, a fat from the bulge on the head of a sperm whale. Lip gloss has never been made with whale sperm. Different lipglosses are made with different things, mainly jojoba oil.

Is lip balm for girls?

No, of course not. A lot of boys used to wear lip balm in my college. They just didn't wear pinky/glossy/strawberry etc lip balm.

What is lip balm made of?

Lip balm can be made of different things depending on the brand.But I can give you a few tips. If you want all natural, go with L'Occitanetm. It only uses shea butter! If you want NO WHERE NEAR NATURAL, go with Chapsticktm, because there is NOTHING natural in that lip balm. I suggest going with L'Occitanetm. If you want a cheaper selection, go with Soft Lipstm.All lip balms have rights reserved. No permission to copy lip balm names.

What is the most expensive lip balm?

The most expensive lip balm must be that from the 'Clinique' brand. I have been doing research on lip balm and bought myself every single lip balm I could find in the village I live in. I bough for nearly EUR 200 worth of different lip balms for this research and considering the average lip balm costs around EUR 2 to 3 I bought quite a number of different lip balms. The one I almost didn't buy was this 'Clinique' lip balm. Because of the cost. In the end this Clinique lip balm is just another lip balm but it comes in a very fancy holder. It is hard to ratify the cost of this lip balm considering the alternatives and their prices. Price is around EUR 35,- for one lip balm of 3,6 gram. Most lip balm carry 4,8 gram so it is not only the most expensive to buy but you also get less product than most other suppliers.

What happens if lip balm is eaten?

All lip balm is edible but I don't recommend eating it by choice.

Does aquafina lip balm test on animals?

Aquafina lip balm is a beauty product that is not tested on animals.

What are the qualities of eos lip balm?

Eos lip balm is made with shea butter, Vitamin E and jojoba oil. They are 95% organic. They're gluten-free and paraben-free.

What is hydrating lip balm?

Hydrating lip balm is lip balm that will hydrate your lips when you put it on. A common misconception, however, is that hydrating lip balm is lip balm that can also be used to hydrate yourself. This has led to many people having sour tastes in their mouth and being no more hydrated than when they started, therefore it's not recommended to use it for this latter purpose.