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You should only consider Liposuction if you have excess fat on your tummy.

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Q: Is liposuction of 28 inch waist possible?
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What size is a 29 inch waist?

I am a 28 inch waist and my size in womens is 4 or 5

What size is 28 inch waist?

it would be size 7

What size is 28 inch waist in boys?

Typically a 28 inch waist would be a 28/30, it will need to be shorter or longer based on his height. The generic size would be a large in boys or a small in young adult/men

What UK dress size is a woman with a 33 inch waist?

In the UK a size 10 dress or skirt has a 28 inch waist and sizes go up in increments of 2". Size 12 would therefore have a 30" waist, size 14, a 32" inch waist, size 16, a 34" waist, size 18, a 36" waist and so on. For a waist 33" you would either have to settle for a size 14, with a 32 inch waist, or go one larger and get a size 16, which would have a 34" waist.

Is it heathly that you have 29 inch waist?

This depends on the other proportions, including height, bust, and hips. For example, singer, Gwen Stefani has a 28 inch waist and a very fit figure. She is an example of a healthy large waist measurement.

What is a good waist size measurement for a woman of 5 ft 5?

a good waist measurement for a woman of 5 ft 5 inch is 28-30.

What is a 28 waist equal to in boys?

It is still 28 waist!

What are Angelina Jolie's measurements?

generally about 36C-28-36. sometimes an inch less in the waist. "Modeling in Motion"

What are debbie ryans measurements?

other sites keep saying her waist size is 28 inches. Give me a break I am a guy and I'm way thinner than what she looks like and I have a 28 inch waist. Her waist has to be at least 30 maybe 32. She is kind of chubby after all.

What dress Size am i 28 inch waist and 38 inch hips what size are you?

Well these are my exact measurements and I would say at least a 12 but your chest can cause differing.

Is a 28 inch waist small medium or large?

Small, its around a size 7. Average waist size is around 34, or size 12 What really effects the appearance however is the ratio of waist size in relation to chest and hips.

What was Michael Jackson's pants size when he died?

he was 28-30 waist (i only know this because i saw one of his belts once which was made for a 30 inch waist) and his pants length was 32in.

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