Is magnesium explosive?


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magnesium is highly flammable, so magnesium is explosive


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Magnesium Nitrate is used only as an explosive

Keep it away from water (pure magnesium). AKA Dry environment as it can be explosive when it reacts with water.

Magnesium is very explosive so accidental explosions are always and issue and if you do not have enough in your body you can have medical issues.

Yes it is highly explosive don't do it

You would get a very energetic (or even explosive) reaction which would produce magnesium sulphate and hydrogen gas.

The three minerals are calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Calcium is found in milk, phosphorus is found in matches and grenades(Willie Pete Grenades), and magnesium is found in rocks. So your bones are milky, explosive, and hard. J.k. about milky and explosive

Maybe ;) Highland Spring products implode in 7 days once bottle is opened.

Magnesium, white phosphorus, and jellied gasoline (napalm) are the typical fuels in conventional incendiary bombs. They are not used in conventional high explosive bombs or in nuclear bombs.

Talc is powdered hydrated magnesium silicate. It's a mineral in the same way that sand is, and it is not explosive.

Magnesium is highly explosive, electricity is created through heat (either that or electricity creates heat, can't remember which). While a trail of magnesium could conduct the electricity rather quickly, it can only be used once, because the heat enflames the magnesium. Also, as of yet, we are unable to capture the energy through such a method.

When magnesium reacts with steam, hydrogen gas is evolved.Mg (s) + H2O (g) ==> MgO (s) + H2 (g)This reaction only ร‚?occurs when magnesium is heated to very high temperatures, at which the evolved hydrogen gas burns.

Krakatau produces highly explosive eruptions.

Is chlorine explosive?Chlorine alone is not explosive.

Here are some sentences.His speech was explosive.The explosive was dangerous.

It is not explosive alone, but with other materials it can become explosive.

No, technetium is a radio-isotope. It is not explosive.

magnesium alloys, magnesium oxide, magnesium sulphate, magnesium carbonate, magnesium sulphide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium chloride and many others

Her rage was explosive.The explosive failed to ignite.

Composite volcanoes can produce both explosive and non-explosive eruptions. They are best-known for their explosive eruptions, however.

Kilauea is a non explosive volacano.

//68/*+ +i+t is an explosive volcano

The silica of were the volcano erupts usually is what determines if a volcano is explosive or non-explosive. If the silica content is low that means the volcano will be non-explosive and if the silica content is high the volcano will most likely be explosive.

I think it is explosive.

NO, Neon is not explosive.

No. Selenium is not explosive.

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