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Magnesium Fluoride is a molecule of an ionic compound MgF2 It is an ionic compound for Magnesium forms a positive ion of Mg2+ whereas Fluorine forms a Fluoride Ion of -.

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Is magnesium fluoride ionic or covalent?


Is cesium fluoride ionic or molecular?


Is magnesium and fluorine an ionic compound?

Magnesium Fluoride is ionic. They are not ionic when they are singular however.

How do the elements magnesium and fluorine produce the compound magnesium fluoride is by what?

Magnesium and fluorine will produce magnesium fluoride by ionic bonding.

Is magnesium sulfate ionic or molecular?

Magnesium Sulfate is ionic.

Why is a sample of magnesium fluoride have a strong attraction for each other?

The bond in magnesium fluoride is ionic.

Is CrF2 ionic or molecular compound?

Chromium fluoride is ionic.

Is magnesium carbonate molecular or ionic?

Magnesium carbonate is an ionic compound.

Is magnesium Fluoride a covalent bond?

Magnesium fluoride is not a covalent molecule; it is ionic, as there is a metal present in the compound.

Is magnesium iodide ionic or molecular?


Is magnesium ionic compound or molecular?

It's molecular

Magnesium bonds with fluorine to make magnesium fluoride?

Magnesium forms ionic bonds with fluorine and forms a compound called Magnesium fluoride with formula MgF2 .

What is the name for the ionic compound MgF?

Magnesium fluoride.

Is sodium fluoride a molecular compound?

No it is not, It is an ionic compound

Is magnesium and fluorine most likely to form an ionic compound?

Yes. They will form the ionic compound magnesium fluoride, MgF2.

Is magnesium hydroxide ionic or molecular?

Magnesium hydroxide is ionically bonded.

Will magnesium and florine share an ionic bond?

Mg(2+) and F(-) MgF2 Magnesium fluoride

What pair is most likely to form an ionic compound?

magnesium and fluoride

Does magnesium and fluorine form an ionic compound?

You can produce an ionic compound between a metal and a non-metal. The reaction produces Magnesium Fluoride.

What is the strongest molecular force in MgF2?

Magnsium fluoride has an ionic bond.

Is mgbr2 ionic or molecular?

MgBr2 is an ionic compound (salt: magnesium bromide)

Magnesium oxide ionic or molecular?

Magnesium oxide, or MgO, is an ionic compound: the result of a metal reacting with a non-metal.

What is the interactive force between particles in magnesium Fluorine?

Magnesium fluoride, MgF2 is held together by ionic bonding between the positively charged magnesium ion and the negatively charged fluoride ions.

Name of the compound mgf 2?

Magnesium Fluoride. It's an ionic compound.

Molecular formula for magnesium oxide?

Magnesium oxide is an ionic compound with the formula MgO.