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No. It is a user defined function which the person who is creating the java class has to code by himself.

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Example of predefined methods in java?

Predefined methods refers to the methods in the Java API. the methods that are present in the Java Class libraries that we can use. Ex: String.equals() or Math.random() etc are predefined methods.

Who invoke main function in java?

The Java Runtime Environment invokes main methods.

Can you overwrite main function in java?

You can not overwrite a static method in Java,and 'main' is a static method.so,you can't overwrite the 'main'.

What is predefined void function in C plus plus?

Predefined functions are built-in functions that perform standard operations and that generally do not depend on any classes. A predefined void function is simply a predefined function that has no return value. An example of a predefined void function is the abort() function which typically has the following signature: void abort(void);

User defined function in java?

Any function or method in Java that is coded by the programmer is called a user defined method in Java. The JAVA API (Application Programming Interface) has a set of predefined classes & methods that are for our usage. Whatever methods we create apart from these are termed as user defined methods. In java we not use the term functions. We call them "Methods"

Can you call predefined function recursively?

Guess you meant: can a recursive function call predefined functions? Answer: sure, why not.

What are differences between user defined packages and predefined packages in java?

Predefined packages are a part of the Java API and are accessible to all. One can create their own packages and distribute them.

What is the name of the function which must be defined in a Java program?

The main function. Every program must have a main function and it must be declared static.

How do you draw line without using any predefined function?

That won't happen, you have to have a predefined putpixel (or something like that) function.

What is main in java?

The main in Java is the entry point of the program. A Java program starts from main. main is a function. Java is an object oriented language. It means that everything in Java can be called only through objects. But how does a program start? something must be able to create an object isn't it? for this there is main function. Notice the declaration of a main function it will be as :-public static void main(String[] args) {}Here public indicates that the function that you call can be called anywhere from the program(out side the declared classes). static is a keyword which tells that you can directly call a function (in this case main) without creating an object for the function. void tell that the function main doesn't have a return type. In effect public static void main() {}, act as the entry point of the java program.Remember there will be only one main function in a Java class. Then objects are created inside the main function inside the Java program likepublic class Test {public static void main(String[] args) {MyClass obj = new MyClass();obj.myFunction();}} // end of Test classclass MyClass {public void myFunction() {System.out.println("I am from MyClass");}} // end of MyClassThe output of the program would beI am from MyClass

How constant are used in c?

it is predefined function

Create a function for power in C?

Not necessary, there is a predefined 'pow' function.

Is the any class containing main function in a webapplicatin?

No. Java classes in web applications do not have Main Methods.

What is return type of main function?

The return type of main is void in Java, int in C and C++.

What is the difference between main function in C java?

// C int main(int argc, char** argv) { return 0; } // Java class MainClass { public static void main(String[] args) { } } Differences: * Java main method must be in a class; C has no class, so no such requirement exists. * Both accept an array of command-line args. * ** Java arrays know how long they are; C does not and thus the main function must have an additional parameter to know the length of the array. * The Java main method has a specific format; the C main function seems to be allowed to differ. * ** The C main function seems to be able to accept different numbers of arguments and have different return types (assuming the implementation allows it).

Why void is restriction in java main function?

becoz the main program doesnot return any value to the os.

What is the default return type of main?

'Main' is not at all associated with the return type. Specifying a function as main means that the function is to be executed first when the class is executed. A program can have only one 'main' function.Answer:The C standard ISO/IEC 9899 dictates that the return type of main() should be int.Edited by Vijay DuggiralaIt is void for Java. Which means that main in java returns no value.

In java public static voidmain function denotes what?

Java's main function denotes the entry point into the execution of your program.

What are the different types of package in java?

1.user defined packages 2.predefined packages

What are three difference between the visual basic python and java programming languages?

Programming languages share a lot of the same characteristics. One main difference between Java and Python is the function identifier. In Java it is function and in Python it is def.

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