Is manipal university still derecognised?

Yes that's an interetsing query.
Reason number 1 I
ndia is known for corruption and there is corruption at all levels in India and MCI which controls medical education is no exception So MCI actually want bribe from Manipal which they are not willing to provide Manipal is a world class univeristy and everyone knows how advnaced and good facilities they have. MCI should actually should recoagnise Manipal now.
Reason number 2
In India medical education is usally a big business and there is competetion in iIndia In the feild of medical eductaion The rival colleges of Manipal might have paid the MCVI to get Manipal derecognised
REason no 3
The family plannning and helath ministry of India can obverrule MCI but they are also actually corrupt
India is the den of corruption