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Mars is 5,000 times weaker than Earth.

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weaker because Earth is stronger than mars.

Mars has a much weaker gravity than Earth.

Mars has a much weaker gravity than Earth.

Mars has a weaker gravity than earth because it is a smaller planet and is smaller than

It is weaker. On Mars it's slightly more than one third that of Earth.

Than what?The surface gravity of Mars is lower than that of Earth, but higher than that of the Moon, if that helps.

Stronger gravity than what? The gravity of Venus is stronger than that of the moon or of Mars, but weaker than that of Earth.

Mars's gravity is much weaker than Earth's. Mars only has 38% of Earth's gravity.

Mars has a gravitational pull of 3.7m/s2, which is a lot weaker than that of Earth (which is 9.8m/s2).

Surface gravity on Earth is more than twice that of Mars.

Comparing the gravity of Mars compared to Earth's, Mars having a much smaller mass than Earth, Mars has a much weaker Gravity.

The gravitational force exerted at the surface (and above the surface) of Mars is weaker than that here on Earth. The reason: Mars has less mass than earth.

Since Mars is much larger than the Moon and made of similar materials its gravity must be stronger.

Weaker than Jupiter has, and stronger than the moon has.

Yes. Weaker than Earth, and stronger than Mercury.

The answer would depend on a stronger or weaker WHAT!

Venus's gravity is weaker than Earth's.

Venus has weaker gravity than Earth.

Venus has gravity somewhat weaker than earth's.