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As long as it isn't bleeding. Try a ring in the next size up.

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What is a synonym for inferior?

lower, secondary, underneath, minor, less

Is a minor story that runs inside the main story is called?

A minor story that runs inside the main story is called a sub-plot.

Can minors be inside tattoo shops in California?

With a parent, a minor can be inside of a tattoo shop in California.Without a parent,it looks bad for theÊshop to have minor inside.Ê

Is it normal to have a minor nosebleed after a minor fall on your head?

It depends.. If its a child, ALWAYS see a doctor...

Who are the minor characters of the book waiting for normal and why?

The minor characters are: Brynna, Hanna, Soula, Elliot and more

Is it normal for one side of your minor labia to stick out of your major labia?

Yes this is very normal.

How do you make minor edits on WikiAnswers?

Click on either 'Edit answer' on the blue side menu or the 'Improve Answer' button underneath the question. Make your minor adjustments then click on the 'Mark this as a minor edit' box to the right of the answer before you 'Save' the change.

What is the minor component of a solution?

Solute is presented as the minor quality, which makes it the minor component of a solution. A solvent would be the major component of a solution. The solute is dissolved inside of the solvent.

Is it normal for your labia minor to stick out of your labia major?

Yes it's completely normal. Some women do have this, some don't, either way it's normal.

Is it normal to get minor pains from time to time somewhere random in your body?


Is it normal to hear a sound from the fuel pump?

Normally only a very minor whir.

What is the difference between a harmonic and melodic minor scale?

A harmonic minor scale has the leading note raised. A melodic minor scale has the sub-mediant and leading note raised ascending, and both are normal descending.

What are the minor parts of computer system?

There are only a few minor parts of a computer system. They include cables and USB ports found inside the computer case.

If a minor is on probation can they move out of their parents house?

Under normal circumstances a minor cannot move from parental custody unless given permission by the court, and most definitely not when he or she is on probation.

Is it normal and usual for pre-64 Winchester 94 to have rust rash or minor pitting in the bore?


Is an adult talking to a minor considered contributing to the delinquency of a minor?

No/Yes An Adult that is just having a normal conversation with a minor is not contributing to that minors delinquency....An adult that is having a conversation with a minor in order to assist and/or convince said minor commit an illegal act can be considered contributing to that minors delinquency.. Such as giving that minor information/instruction on how to make a pipe bomb or how to shoplift,or how to steal a car ect ect..

Is a small amount of back pain normal when you exercise?

It is not normal for you to have back pain from exercise. However, if you tweak a muscle or pull something, you may have minor back pain in that area.

What does a spongy feeling inside head mean?

The spongy feeling inside of the head can have several causes that range from minor to severe. A spongy feeling inside of the head can be upper respiratory infections, or something as severe as a brain bleed.

Can a child claim an inheritance if no will was made?

It is normal for a child to inherit from a parent. A minor will get a share of the estate in the probate process.

Is it normal for the fuel pump on a 2005 dodge neon to make a noise?

Normally only a very minor whir.

What happens to your eyes when you smoke marijuana?

they can turn red or stay normal some people might have minor dialation

What are the notes in A sharp minor scale?

In A-sharp minor, every single note has a sharp. For the harmonic minor, the G♯ is raised to Gx (both ways) and for the melodic minor Fx and Gx is used on the way up but is reverted back to the key signature (normal F♯ and G♯ on the way down).

What are the legal ramifications for a minor boy to touch a minor girl then the girl said she did not want him to?

You could be arrested for statutory rape and be charged the same as normal rape. But that is only if her parents find out and press charges...

Do the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor produce different movements?

Yes. The pectoralis minor moves from the back to the front of the body while pectoralis major moves from the outside to the inside in the front plane of the body.

Does Viagra harm you?

your gonna get side minor side effects but that's normal and pls do not use it if you have heart and breathing issues

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