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No, it is FAR TO toxic to be used as such.

Nitric acid is having molecular formula HNO3

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What gas does a copper and nitric acid reaction produce?

Copper with dilute nitric acid produces NO gas while with concentrated nitric acid produces NO2 gas

Why is nitric acid yellow?

It is due to nitric dioxide gas contamination. Very pure nitric acid is clear because the synthesis of it removes it of nitric dioxide.

Lead plus nitric acid?

Lead plus nitric acid equals lead nitrate and hydrogen gas. Lead react very slowly with a dilute acid such as nitric acid.

What gas is formed when dilute nitric acid reacting with magnesium?

Magnesium will react with nitric acid and most other acids to produce hydrogen gas.

What is formed when nitric acid reacts with iron?

when nitric acid and iron react together Iron Nitrate is formed and hydrogen gas

What is the word equation for when calcuim when it reacts with nitric acid?

Calcium plus nitric acid yields calcium nitrate and hydrogen gas.

Why does copper react with HNO3?

Nitric acid is an oxidising acid and copper will dissolve in concentrated nitric acid forming copper nitrate and liberating hydrogen gas.

What happens when you add zinc to nitric acid?

Zn and Nitric acid does not produce hydrogen gas (H2) instead, it produce nitrogen dioxide, nitric acid is an oxidizing agent and it rarely forms H2. It will only form H2 with magnesium added with cold dilute nitric acid

What is the reaction of calcium carbonate plus nitric acid?

Calcium carbonate + nitric acid --> Calcium nitrate (salt) + carbon dioxide (gas) + water

What will hppen if you put a piece of magnesium into dilute nitric acid?

magnesium reacts with dilute nitric acid to give magnesium nitrate and hydrogen gas.

What does potassium and nitric acid make?

Potassium will react with nitric acid to produce potassium nitrate and hydrogen gas. 2K + 2HNO3 --> 2KNO3 + H2

What does Magnesium combined with nitric acid make?

Magnesium (Mg) + Nitric Acid (HNO3) ---> Magnesium Nitrate (MgNO3) + Hydrogen gas (H) + Heat

What is the balanced formula for the formation of nitric acid from nitrogen dioxide gas and water?

Nitrogen dioxide forms Nitric acid and Nitrous acid with water.Nitrous acid is unstable. 2NO2+H2O--->HNO3+HNO2

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