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nokia asha made in India

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Where is Nokia asha made in?

Nokia Asha Nade In China Uder The Corporation Of Nokia

Which country developed Nokia mobile phones?

Nokia Phones were made in Finland

Are Nokia GPS systems made in China?

Yes, Nokia is a China based company. Therefore, Nokia GPS systems are made in China. However, they may have manufacturing locations elsewhere as well.

Is a Nokia e71 made in China?

they have two versions of e71 one is offical of nokia and another made in china do you fu cking understand

Which brands of cell phone are made in China?

In 2009, 600 million mobile phones were manufactured in China, accounting for over half of the worlds total production. Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Apple, Blackberry, and Google all have phones manufactured in China.

Which is better Made by Nokia or Made in FinlandHungary?

The answer for the question,that in most of the Nokia phones you get "Made By Nokia" and "made by Finland/Hungary",Simply the answer for this is the better and the best performing phone would be "Made by Nokia" because it is the legal output of the original Nokia Company.But many people have a bad idea that "Made in Findland/Hngary" is the best,but statistics proove that "Made by Nokia is the best"*NOTE:In symbian 360 phones like N70,N71,N73 and N95 the "made in findland or Hungary is the very low brand" Where as the "Made by nokia " is the best

How much th price for China made Nokia N8 in Saudi riyals?

the price of Nokia N8 manufactured in china

Were was the phone made?

phones were made in china

Where are Nokia Cell Phones made?

Nokia cell phones are made in several places. Here is a way to determine where yours came from. I cannot garuntee that this information is totally correct. This may or may not work for you. http://migs.wordpress.com/2008/01/28/know-where-your-nokia-phone-was-made/

Do you know about the china made mobile phones?

There are both official mobile phones manufactured by reputed mobile phone companies in China as well as many fake mobile phones which look similar to original phones, which are made in China. Be sure to buy from authorized dealers and resellers or from your service providers. Lately there have been many incidents of mobile phone and battery explosions while charging of phones (other than some problems with original Nokia and Sony batteries, many times these explosions happened when either the phone battery or charger were fakes made in China). - Neeraj Sharma

Are cellular phones made in the US?

Lots of brands of cell phones are made in the United States. Some of the brands that manufacture the phones in the US include Motorola, Nokia and Sony.

Could you please tell me were nokia phones are made?

for Europe and some countries of Asia Nokia are mostly make in Finland or Hungary,for the rest its made in China.But Nokia is actually Finnish company

If you have a phone made in china how can you download software?

Most phones are made in China they are the same.

Where is Nokia e72 made?

Perhaps, China, Maybe. Not sure

Where is Nokia made?

Listen up close buddy. Nokia is a very important cell phone brand that I happen to use. It is from Finland for your genius question. Nice answering your question. Byeaa.*****************************************************************Hi there sorry to update your answer but the question was, Where is Nokia made?to simply answer your question, Nokia is from Finland but the product or accessories is made in China yes all -are made from China.*****************************************************************

What operating system software is found on most Nokia phones?

Symbian is the operating system software used on many of Nokia's mobile phones. However, in 2011 Nokia switched its primary OS to the Microsoft made MeeGo.

Is intex mobile made in China?

Intex mobile phones are made in India.

Where are iPhone phones made?

It is designed in California but Manufactured in China.

What did nokia make before it made mobile phones?

first paper, then rubber products, now telecommunications

Nokia Cell Phones: From Simple Mobile Devices To Smart phones?

Nokia is a brand that has traditionally appealed to users looking for simple and affordable mobile phones. However, the company has made some serious innovations to its latest cell phones. For example, there are several Nokia smartphones available today that feature touch screens and comprehensive menus for personal and professional use. Nokia also offers several cell phones with full sliding QWERTY keyboards, which are easy to use for text input. Another distinguishing feature of Nokia phones is high resolution cameras, up to 8 Megapixels. Very few other mobile phones can match such a high quality resolution, which is similar to digital cameras.

Who made Nokia Nokia 5800?

Nokia 5800 was made by Nokia Corporation.

Is there Nokia Mobile manufacturing company in china?

Nokia Proudly Made in China See under the battery cover of your new Nokia and more than 75 % of the chances are that it's made in China even my new N86 is also made in China what it makes you feel ?? does it give you a cheap feeling of your phone or are you thinking that Nokia is cutting costs and may be reducing quality by going to China . Right on cutting cost wrong on the phone being of inferior quality. Now look at the iPhone , made in China , what about that Aluminum clad HP 2140 netbook , made in China , Nintendo Wii , made in China even Xbox 360 you love so much , made in China , what about that Nikon and Canon cameras you have chances are all are made in China and soon the Airbus A320 plane taking you to your next destination guess what made in China. Nokia is proud of their state of the art plant in China and lately had been showing their Gem in the Orient to a selected group of journalists from around the world and what they see is a facility at par and better than any European and North American manufacturing concern with emphasis on quality and durability not to mention design and aesthetics .

Where are alcatel phones made?

it is originated in france for assembly maybe in china

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