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Yes, just like general professional partnership. Use 1702Q

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Q: Is non stock non profit corporation in the Philippines required to file quarterly income tax return?
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Tax advantage of a corporation in the Philippines?

If you mean tax advantage of corporation in the Philippines compared to other countries..I can not answer that. But if you mean corporation in the Philippines compared to Partnership, the corporation is tax on its net income at currently 30% but if its a partnership, same is tax at 30% but there would be presumptive distrubtion of net income among partners which will be subjected to tax again. For corporation in Philippines, the liability of shareholders is limited on their capital subscription only. Unlike partnership or single proprietor, which is to the extent of personal property except of course for limited partners.

When a corporation receives a dividend from another corporation how is it taxed?

Dividends are income to the receiving corporation. If it is a sub-chapter S corporation, it is income to the shareholders, as is any other income of the corporation.

Is an independent contractor required to file income tax quarterly?

Because you are not having tax withheld you may have to file estimated tax payments quarterly. For specific information see:

Is an LLC required to file tax return if no income?

In certain states, all corporation are required to file a tax return regardless of income. This is also to pay their annual dues or fees to the state.

When was Realty Income Corporation created?

Realty Income Corporation was created in 1969.

Income distribution in Philippines?

the income is income

When is the income statement prepare?

Usually at the end of the financial period. It depends on the regulations of the country as well. In Singapore, companies are required to submit financial statements quarterly.

How quarterly income statements are affected by the behaviour of costs in repairs and maintenance?

Discuss the ways in which quarterly income can be affected by the behavior of the cost recorded in a repairs and maintenance of factory machinery account

What is the symbol for Realty Income Corporation in the NYSE?

The symbol for Realty Income Corporation in the NYSE is: O.

What is the source of income of municipal corporation?

income source

What is the income source of municipal corporation?

income source

What was the annual revenue of Microsoft Corporation in 2012?

According to the Microsoft Corporation website the annual revenue for the corporation in 2012 was $73,723. The net income of the Microsoft Corporation for 2012 was $16,978. The revenue income was increased from the previous year, but the net income was less than in 2011.

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