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Is not eating rice a cause for anemia?

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== == Most definitely. Rice is a staple of most diets. The lack of rice in one's diet can and in most cases will promote anemia.

Considering the diets of many other cultures and their lack of the anemic disease further reinforces this hypothesis.

No. Anemia is caused by the loss of red blood cells in the blood stream that transports oxygen and nutrients to the body. Anemia usually is caused by defective bone marrow that doesn't produce red blood cells, excessive blood loss or other genetic or pathogen disease. Iron is the mineral lost in anemia. Starch is the nutrient in rice.

There are lots of types of anemias, but as a general rule to treat anemia simply increase the protein intake to raise iron levels.

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Which eating disorders are caused by a lack of protein?

A lack of protein does not cause an eating disorder. Instead, that can cause anemia.

What compounds cause anemia?

Anemia is caused by a lack of iron in a person's bloodstream. Eating red meat or taking iron supplements can cure anemia.

Does eating raw rice cause cancer?


More of eating uncooked rice will it cause cancer?

no. eating uncooked rice will not cause cancer. although, because it is so hard, it can be rough on the teeth and even chip them.

How does energy pass from rice to humans?

It could be by eating it cause the sun gives rice energy by photosynthesis

Does ice cause anemia?

No, ice does not cause anemia. Anemia means not having enough red blood cells.

Can eating raw rice cause kidney stones?

Yes, I am a doctor from McMaster University Hospital. Eating excessive amounts of rice, raw or cooked can cause kidney stones. Which can eventually cause death. So be aware.

Does eating ice swell your stomach?

No eating ice does not cause your stomach to swell. Eating certain foods such as rice and ice cream can cause stomach swelling.

Why does anemia cause thrombocytosis?

Anemia cause thrombocytopenia

Do ascaris cause anemia?

no,ascaris don't cause anemia

Does eating too much cooked rice cause your stomach to swell?

Eating too much of anything causes your stomach to expand to hold it all. Eating raw rice, though, will not cause your stomach to swell and it actually does not harm birds either, who eat raw rice wherever it grows or is farmed.

Can anemia cause death?

Very severe anemia can cause death :(

Can anemia cause a craving for uncooked rice?

It shouldn't do. Anemia does not normally cause any food cravings, however the feeling of "being tired all the time" which anemia can cause may make you resort to "energy dense foods", or foods that release energy quickly (such as refined carbs). This may help explain cravings for high carbohydrate foods, however it does not explain a craving for uncooked rice, which is quite indigestible in it's raw state.

Can you get sick from eating undercooked rice?

I've read an article that says the lectin in undercooked rice can cause food poisoning.

Can anemia cause cancer?

== == No, anemia is just the term for low iron in your blood. While it's not a healthy condition, it doesn't cause cancer. Diet can help anemia, eating foods high in iron like meat, or if your vegetarian, certain beans and other non-meat foods.

Is eating rice good for health?

eating rice provides energy and it is made of starch which gets converted into suger once when we take excess amout of rice may cause diabetes and high level sugar.

Can an abscessed tooth cause anemia?

use anemia

What is the most common cause of anemia?

The most common cause of anemia is blood loss.

Does anemia cause high fever?

No. Anemia does not causes high fever. High fever may cause anemia like in malaria.

Iam eating raw flour and soaked rice for 3 months in small amounts like half spoon of rice flour like that.iam newly married does it has any influence on getting pregnancy?

it might be symptoms of Pica a eating disorder due to anemia or mineral deficiencies.

Is anemia a genetic disease?

Anemia is a symptom, not a disease. However, there are genetic diseases that cause anemia (such as Sickle Cell Anemia).

Does low iron cause anemia?

It causes a type of Anemia called Iron - Deficiency Anemia.

What are the effects of eating raw rice regularly?

what are the effects of the eating of raw rice

Is eating raw rice cause jaundice?

no. raw rice has got nothing to do with liver and jaundice is caused when the liver is unable to excrete bilirubin from the system.

What is the cause of a plastic anemia?

i think the cause of plastic anemia is the lack of red cell in the bone marrow