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What is the difference between a nuclear power plant and a thermoelectric power plant?

A nuclear power plant uses thermal energy from a nuclear reactor to produce steam and drive a turbine/generator, and often has a capacity of more than 1000MWe from one reactor. I don't think there are any thermoelectric power plants, but small arrays of thermocouple devices are sometimes used to produce small amounts of power for instruments, usually in space vehicles with a radioactive source providing the thermal input.

What is a power reactor in nuclear fission?

It is a nuclear reactor designed to use nuclear fission to produce electricity or process heat.

What is the difference between nuclear power plant and nuclear reactor?

A nuclear reactor is the device that converts binding energy into heat. A nuclear power plant uses a nuclear reactor to generate electricity.

What is a nuclear powerstation?

A nuclear power plant is a thermal power station. The heat source is nuclear reactor. Its main point is to produce electricity.

How much power does a nuclear plant produce?

Up to 1500MWe per reactor

What is the function of a nuclear reactor?

Usually to provide thermal power in order to produce electricity, sometimes to produce radioisotopes

How does A nuclear reactor produce electricity by heat or actually generating the power itsself?

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Is Australia nuclear free?

There is a small reactor at Sydney used to produce radioisotopes. No power reactors.

What is nuclear energy currently used for?

It seems to be a common misconception that nuclear power is some unique type of power, but a nuclear reactor is just another means by which to produce electricity.

What is the function of an electrical reactor?

A nuclear reactor contains a nuclear reaction, provides support for the control mechanisms for the reaction, and provides for the transfer of heat to machinery that will use it to produce electric power.

What are the advantages of using a nuclear fission reactor?

The advantages of using a nuclear fission reactor include: they do not produce greenhouse gases, they do not require importation of oil from the middle east, they produce a lot of power, they work equally well in the day or night, unlike solar power.

Does Canada have nuclear energy?

Canada has 7 nuclear power stations (some with more than one reactor) which produce about 15% of Canada's electrical power.

What is the function of a nuclear reactor of a nuclear plant?

simply, the nuclear reactor is the source of heat (or steam) for the nuclear power plant.

How much uranium produces nuclear power?

The mass of uranium needed for a nuclear power reactor depend on the type and the power of this reactor. For a medium size reactor - 100 t.

Why is uranium a non renewable resource?

Because in a nuclear power reactor uranium is burnt to produce energy.

How fast does a nuclear fusion reactor work?

Do you mean how much power does it produce? None are working as yet.

Heart of a nuclear power station?

The heart of a nuclear power plant is the nuclear reactor.

What is the difference between nuclear reactor and nuclearpower plant?

a nuclear reactor converts binding energy into heat. a nuclear power plant uses a nuclear reactor to generate electricity.

How is nuclear reactor similar to a conventional fossil fuel power plant?

They both produce steam to drive turbines which in turn produce electricity.

What is an example of converting nuclear energy to electrical energy?

nuclear power plantnuclear battery (SNAP thermoelectric power source for space vehicles)

What is the part of the nuclear power plant where fission takes place?

Nuclear fission takes place in the nuclear fuel rods that are placed in the reactor core that is situated in the reactor pressure vessel. The reactor pressure vessel is usually situated inside the reactor containment.

How much uranium is need to power a nuclear power plant for eighteen months?

Depending on: - the type of the nuclear reactor - the electrical power of the nuclear reactor - the type of the nuclear fuel - the enrichment of uranium - the estimated burnup of the nuclear fuel etc.

When was nuclear energy developed?

The first ever nuclear reactor was demonstrated in 1942, but this did not produce any useful output. Power reactors were developed in the mid 1950's

What was the worst reactor accident in history?

the reactor accident at the chernobyl nuclear power plant.

How many houses could be powered with a nuclear reactor?

That depends on the power rating of the reactor.