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Is nuetering rabbits a good idea?

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No, Because the carrot is unhealthy for rabbits and they can die from carrots if they are not susposed to eat them.

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Can pet rabbits sleep in your bed?

if you're in it, not a good idea.

Do you have to remove other rabbits when the doe gives birth?

Yes, it is a good idea ro remove other rabbits from the baby rabbits, because the bigger rabbits might and could eat the babies

Can screaming damage rabbit's hearing?

Rabbits can hear the slightest movements. So screaming wouldn't be a good idea.

Can you breed sibling rabbits?

Not a good idea, the inbred offspring have a much greater likelyhood of being sick and deformed.

Can Rabbits breed with their babies?

inbreeding is not a good idea. not recommended. but yes they will mate once the babies grew up

Why are rabbits good predators?

Rabbits are not predators. Rabbits are prey.

Should two female rabbits displaying mating behaviour be separated?

If you've got something against lesbian rabbits, or if you're not absolutely certain that both of them really are female and don't want baby rabbits, it might be a good idea.

Are blueberries good for Rabbits?

no blueberries are not good for rabbits it gives them diarea

How long after a litter can rabbits have babies again?

A female rabbit CAN REBREED the day she has her litter. (Not a very good idea, but possible.)

Is it a bad idea to have rabbits in all the time?

no its not a bad idea I think so

Do rabbits eat straw?

Most rabbits will eat straw if given the chance, then again, they'll eat most vegetable life, but it's not a good idea to sustain a rabbits diet completely off straw, because straw lacks some of the nutrients rabbits (and most animals) need to survive.

Why is mushrooms not good for rabbits?

mushrooms are not good for rabbits because some mushroom have a type of protein that is not good for their bodies.

What happens when you touch a wild rabbits?

Chances are, the wild rabbit will be frightened, and may bite you. It is generally not a good idea to touch wild animals.

What rabbits can be kept together?

any rabbits are good together.

Is nuetering a cat easy?

It is much harder to nueter a boy cat than girl cat but yes.

Do chipmunks eat baby rabbits?

I don't have any idea.

Should you separate the bunnies from the father?

that would be a good idea because rabbits from the same family dont get along well. it would be best to separate them

Are green onions good for rabbits to eat?

Rabbits will not eat onions.

What is a good concluding paragraph about rabbits?

now you see why rabbits are kewl!!

Does a Maltese have a menstrul cycle?

All dogs do. If you don't want blood stains on your carpet, I would consider nuetering.

Is strawberries good for rabbits?


What human characteristics does a rabbit have?

Rabbits have very good memories Rabbits are free-roaming Rabbits are lively and vivacious

How many bunnies come in a rabbits first liter?

Well, it usually ranges from 1-5. They could have more though. Its not a good idea to breed rabbits, though. It is VERY hard to find them homes, they breed rapidly, and it will get way out of control.

Can rabbits eat quick oats?

well tell you what I have know idea

Is celery good for rabbits?

yes it is. I feed it to my rabbits all the time and they love it.