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Good question. Zen Buddhism is the meditation school (variety) of Buddhism. Anyone who engages in zazen and the other practices of Zen Buddhism may be considered a Zen Buddhist. This, though, is misleading because, according to The Buddha, there is no such thing as a separate self; an human individual person is really a congeries of qualities. Strictly speaking, therefore, there is no one to be a Zen Buddhist!
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What is Zen?

Answer "Zen" means meditation in Japanese. "Buddha" means "Awakened one" or "Enlightened One" in Sanskrit and Pali. Buddhism is the way to awakening or enlightenment. Zen Buddhism is a way to awakening or enlightenment that is centered in the practice of meditation. Here, if you are new to Zen, you ( Full Answer )

Who is the leader of the Zen Buddhist monks?

There is no "pope" or "Dalai Lama" in Zen Buddhism. In monasteries, the term Rōshi (lit. "older teacher") is used as a respectful honorific to a significantly older Zen teacher considered to have matured in wisdom and to have attained a superior understanding and expression of the Buddhist teachi ( Full Answer )

How can one be more Zen like?

Answer . Maintain a state of mindless inquiry one minute at a time and then increase it to 24 hrs a day.

Is there a Zen Buddhist leader?

There is no Zen Buddhist leader in the way that, for example, the Pope is the spiritual leader of Roman Catholic Christians or the Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists.. Zen Buddhism is the meditation school of Buddhism. The emphasis is on a practitioner's direct experience--not ( Full Answer )

Do Zen Buddhists practice martial arts?

\nSome do, some don't.. but martial arts in and of themselves are not intrinsic to Zen. As I understand it the samurai borrowed heavily from Zen.

How do Zen Buddhists worship?

Zen is the meditation school of Buddhism. The primary practice in Zen Buddhism is zazen, which is a distinctive kind of meditation. Different Zen Buddhist traditions have slightly different ways of practicing. Depending upon the particular group, there are--in addition to zazen--liturgical practices ( Full Answer )

What is a Zen Buddhist teacher called?

Typically, a Zen Buddhist teacher is called "sensei" and a senior sensei is called "roshi.". An ordained Zen priest who is sanctioned to teach typically changes his or her name to a dharma or Buddhist name.. For example, the present abbot or spiritual leader of the Rochester Zen Center used to be ( Full Answer )

Where do Zen Buddhists worship?

Where do Zen Buddhists worship? The answer depends on the faith of the individual Zen Buddhist. If the individual was a Catholic and a Trappist monk like Thomas Merton, he would worship God in a church. Or if the individual Zen Buddhist was a Jew, he would worship the same God in a synagog.. On the ( Full Answer )

Who do Zen Buddhists worship?

Like Buddhism in general, Zen Buddhists worship no god(s) Non-Buddhists often mistakenly believe that Buddhists worship The Buddha. He is, however, just a man. His "claim to fame" is that he worked out the path to decreasing pain through the control of desire on his own, without instruction or gu ( Full Answer )

What does a Buddhist do in one day?

Buddism is 'now-ness' and a Buddhist practioner/cultivator is mindful of doing good, avoiding evil and purifying the mind at all times . Buddism is mind culture where we train the mind to perfection, to look inward in order to understand the true nature of things. When we have perfected the mind we ( Full Answer )

What do Zen Buddhists believe?

Zen Buddhists believe that words and thoughts contribute to our ignorance so rather than spend time attempting to debate or think our way to a realization on emptiness, it is better to simply get to down to the business of meditation to achieve enlightenment.

How do Zen Buddhists meditate?

The basic idea is to sit motionless on a meditation cushion or bench with an erect back while focusing intently on your breathing. All classic meditation postures involve sitting with the two knees and the buttocks forming a stable base. The hips are slightly tipped forward with the abdomen pushed o ( Full Answer )

What happens at Zen Buddhist centers?

Zen Buddhist centers are places of education about the life ofBuddha, and about the Buddhist belief system. The centers are alsoa place of worship and peace for those affiliated, desiring tobecome Buddhist, or simply those who want to learn more.

How may Zen Buddhists are there in the world?

In practicing Zen, all that matters is looking into "What am I?" This big question points to a clear, before-thinking mind. When you're thinking, you may have the idea that there are infinite beings in the world, or billions, or just a few. But before thinking, there's nothing at all: complete, empt ( Full Answer )

What do zen Buddhists wear?

Buddhist civilians can wear whatever they want but monks are encouraged to were red or orange robes due to the fact Buddhists are supposed to live a simple life.

Basho was zen Buddhist famous for his?

Haikus. Bassho invented the haiku forms as we have them today, but what he invented that truly impacted us is the HAIBUN: a combination of haiku poetry and descriptive prose. Bassho created the haiku structure to fit smoothly with his narrative, but others also contributed haiku to Bassho's notebo ( Full Answer )

Do Zen Buddhists use visual aids?

If you mean as a meditation aid, no, there is no visual imagery in Zen Buddhism. Obviously, statues and so on can be helpful reminders, but I don't think that was the point of your question.

The Buddhist word zen what does it mean?

The word zen is the Japanese translation of the Chinese word ch'an , which is in turn a mis-pronunciation of the Sanskrit dhana . Dhana means contemplation or meditation. But the practice of zen is none of the above.

Does one have to believe in reincarnation to be a Buddhist?

Reincarnation isn't exactly a doctrine, but a supposition. The dharma (practice or work) of Buddhism is to reach a state of perfect understanding, and until that is reached the person will be reborn to continue the work. However, not all who believe Buddhist ideals of right living and nonviolence an ( Full Answer )

Do Buddhists worship one god?

Buddhism is non-theistic. However there are Buddhists who are also, say, Christians, and those Buddhists would worship that God.

How does a Zen Buddhist meditate?

From a physical point of view, all the classic meditation postures involve an erect spine supported by the two knees and the buttocks. A cross-legged or kneeling posture is usually used. I use both. The chin is tucked in slightly, the hips tilted forward, and the shoulders and arms are completed re ( Full Answer )

Why Buddhist bow to one another?

Bowing is a frequently used method of greeting in Asian countries. Many Buddhists are Asian and follow the customs of their countries. Many Buddhists are not a Asian and follow the greeting customs of their cultures and countries instead of bowing (handshakes, back slapping, hat tipping, forelock tu ( Full Answer )

Do Zen Buddhist believe in Reincarnation?

Yes & No Taisen Deshimaru, Zen Master & the New Orleans Zen Temple said that Belief in Reincarnation is unimportant. Only Zazen is important. I don't think that Zen Buddhist spent much time investigating or thinking about Reincarnation. Most anyone can attend the New Orleans Zen Temple for a limited ( Full Answer )

How Is A Zen Buddhist Altar Set Up?

There is usually an image of Buddha, Avalokitesvara, or Manjustri. Incense is offered for various intentions throughout the day (perhaps before meditation, upon arriving at home, before leaving home). A candle is on the right side, slightly forward from the image; flowers are on the left side placed ( Full Answer )

What are Buddhists view on the oneness of god?

Buddhists have no opinion on this question as they do not incorporate the concept of "god" into their beliefs. The presence or absence of any god(s) does not impact the imdividuals progress towards enlightenment. As a concept there is is no reason for buddhists to comment on god(s) any more than C ( Full Answer )

Do Zen Buddhists have to meditate?

Zen actually means "to contemplate". The main focus of Zen is to meditate. It is considered the most important method to reach your goal within Zen.

How long does it take a Zen Buddhist to reach Nirvana?

It takes as long as it takes. The course to enlightenment can takesmany thousands of lifetimes. However the person who is presently aZen Buddhist may have been through these reincarnations already andlearned from them and may be ready to become enlightened. This doesnot however mean he is going to N ( Full Answer )

What do Zen Buddhists use to meditate?

Zen Buddhists use whatever is helpful in stilling both the body and the mind. With respect to stilling the body, since it is critical to sit erectly, the most important equipment that Zen Buddhists use to meditate is designed to facilitate sitting erectly. Doing that involves tipping the pelvic gird ( Full Answer )

When do Zen Buddhists dance?

Dancing is neither a traditional nor a common part of the practice of Zen Buddhists. Therefore, if they dance it is simply because they want to dance. .

What does water mean in a Zen Buddhist garden?

Typically water symbolizes life, which is impermanent. Like life, water flows and can take many forms. Zen came from the interaction of Indian Buddhist and Chinese Daoist practices. Water is an important image in classical works of Daoism such as TAO TE CHING. .

When do Zen Buddhists meditate?

The contemplation of a koan (Zen parable) and the accompanying teshio (a master's discourse on a koan) and thoughts, or lack there of, about the koan and its (non)meaning are considered meditation in addition to regular Buddhist meditation. Answer: The official periods of meditation are schedul ( Full Answer )

What time of day do Zen Buddhists meditate?

If you are asking about formal meditation, any time is a good time to meditate. One time is not necessarily better than any other time. That being said, dawn and dusk are favorite times to quiet the mind. Many find that it is easiest to do first thing in the morning and that it is important to do a ( Full Answer )

Do zen Buddhists believe in rebirth?

Yes, but it is important to distinguish rebirth from reincarnation. The word "rebirth" refers to the moment-to-moment continuity that we experience throughout our lives. Except that it is difficult to understand, there's nothing controversial about it. The word "reincarnation" refers to lifetime-t ( Full Answer )

Where do zen Buddhists meditate?

Although the Hollywood version of a Zen Buddhist meditating usually involves a Zen Garden, meditation hall, or a freezing waterfall in the middle of winter (?), Zen meditation can occur almost anywhere that there is a minimum of distraction. For students sitting a meditation hall under the guidance ( Full Answer )

How do the beliefs of zen Buddhism differ from other Buddhist?

It is not so much the beliefs as the technique used to attain realization. Zen is often called the "Sudden Teaching". The Dalai Lama (not a Zen Buddhist himself) once made the following apt comparison between Zen and other schools of Buddhism: In most schools of Buddhism, a guide takes you by the ( Full Answer )

How do Zen Buddhists control their bodies and mind?

Zen Buddhists do not control their bodies or minds. The whole ofZen Buddhism is to attain an instantaneous and unthinking awarenessof the whole of the situation and be one with it. This precludes"controlling" anything.

Where can one learn more about what a Zen koan is?

A Zen Koan can refer to short stories, small statements, and parables. One can learn more about these by visiting their local library and checking out books pertaining to Buddhism.

What are the benefits of prayer for zen Buddhists?

Zen Buddhists do not have the conceept of prayer as they have nogod to pray to. The process of askimng for direction from a deityor attempting to understand a deeper meaning is against the Zenprocess of non-intellectual acceptance of the world.

Where can one get Zen Cart templates online?

Zen Cart is an online e-Commerce shopping cart system, designed to allow websites to offer a customized online sales experience to their customers. Templates, or pre-built designs for these, can be found on a few websites, including TemplateMonster.

Where can one purchase Zen MP3 players?

Zen MP3 players can be found at many electronics retailers. Target, Best Buy, and Walmart are always quick choices. Online, look at Amazon and eBay.

Where could one purchase a Zen clock?

One could purchase a Zen clock when one goes to the website of smarter. This site offers Zen clocks of various designs. Price ranges from $18 to $45 depending on the design.

How did zen buddhists achieve wisdom?

These don't exist when learning Zen or Chan. wisdom is merit ofyour mind. dharma is the foremost wisdom one needs in ones life.Its also said even when you learn something it best the let it gothat this merit does no good in the next life. I can explain wisdomis like the ocean its big , moves and may ( Full Answer )

What is zen then?

Keeping mind that is before thinking and letting it function correctly when sitting, walking, lying down, at all times. We also call it "Dont know mind" and another name of correct function is "saving all beings from suffering".

Did zen buddhists believe that faith leads to wisdom?

Without knowing the context of the terms "faith" and "wisdom" used in this question it is difficult to answer a query of this nature. If faith is meant in the sense of trust in the guidance of a deity, then Buddhists do not have faith as they have no deity guiding their actions, only the understandi ( Full Answer )