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Nope - Open Office base is a database program, MS Excel is a spreadsheet.

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Q: Is openoffice 3 application called base is most similar to the Microsoft Excel program?
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What is OpenOffice Impress?

It's a 'slide-show' program - similar to Microsoft's Power-Point program.

What does openoffice 3.2.1 draw do?

It performs similar functions to those in Microsoft's Paint program.

What is A word processing program such as Microsoft Word?

There are several freeware alternatives; one that is fairly popular is OpenOffice, which includes a word processing program similar to Microsoft Word, a spreadsheet program similar to Excel, and some other programs.

How do you crack Microsoft office 2010?

Buy a legal copy of it. or of course get caught and go to jail. or download openoffice, a program similar to Microsoft office.

Is there a typing program similar to Microsoft Word for Macintosh?

Do you mean "similar" or "the same"? The same application - Microsoft Word - is available for the Apple Macintosh. StarOffice is an example of a similar application.

What is the function of the AbiWord program?

AbiWord is a word processor, which means that the program is used to process text in a similar manner to programs like Microsoft Word or components of the OpenOffice suite.

Is openoffice similar to Microsoft?

Yes - they look very similar, and perform in much the same way.

Why doesn't Windows 7 have a Microsoft word application?

Microsoft office word doesn't come with windows because it is shareware that you must buy before using. If you want a free tool similar to it use openoffice by sun micro systems

What is a program similar to Microsoft publisher under the Linux operating system?

If OpenOffice /LireOffice isnt satisfying, try Scribus or LyX (I have no experience with those latter two but they are open source desktop publishing applications that run on Linux).

What is a spread sheet program?

spread sheet is a similar program to Microsoft exel

What is the function of Openoffice writer?

OpenOffice writer - is a word-processor which works similar to Microsoft Word. It is capable of many functions including using different page sizes, text sizes, styles and colours, graphics etc...

Is there a program similar to mac pages?

Yes there is; Microsoft Word.

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