Is optima wealth solutions a scam company?

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As far as I can see, it is a legit company. They are a property developer and finance broker who use the equity in peoples homes to leverage a second mortgage. Using the rent and taking advantage of tax breaks from the investment property, people can own a second home without being out of pocket anymore than they would have been for only 1 mortgage. Smart money
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Is the Wealth Magnet System a Scam?

I can't speak for everyone, but two months after I cancelled my membership and got a confirmation, a charge to my credit card for $75 showed up from them. I have tried three times to contact them and it's been over a month, so I am now disputing the charge with my credit card company.

Is passport to wealth a scam?

Passport to wealth is not a scam if you are commitied to very small and achievable actions steps.. We have a team that does 4 training calls 4 days a week and as well we have awesome top quality step by step videos on how you can market your business online for free using the latest web 2.0 compani ( Full Answer )

Is the company surveybank a scam?

Yes, of course it is. Just Google it and read as much as you can. Very easy to form your own opinion.

Is ITV a scam company?

ITV ventures is a Multi-Level Marketing scheme, so while it may be technically legal, you aren't going to make any of the money they claim you will. Do not send them any money, or personal info.

Is the ultimate wealth package a scam?

Yes, it is. As is anything that offers $50,000 a month for one hour a day in labor. If you send them the $50, you will never see it again.

Is Brent Austin's Automated Wealth System a scam?

Not recommended. NSA Technologies, LLC - alternate business name Brent Austin's Automated Wealth System has complaints with the BBB in Akron. Wants you to set up websites to sell products. To get customers you have to purchase from another website. No response at their 800 Phone number. refer to lin ( Full Answer )

Is Melaleuca the wellness company a scam?

The company is certainly not a scam, and most people rave about their products, but buying from them might not be for everyone. To find a reputable company when doing business, a good place to start is with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has awarded Melaleuca with an A rating, and the BBB sa ( Full Answer )

Is ewen chia's internet wealth system a scam?

Ewen Chia's Internet Wealth System will work if properly applied.However, the difficulty in applying all the principles is extremelydifficult and it does not always work the way stated in the system.

Is the company survey bank a scam?

It appears that the Survey Bank company has gone out of business.Therefore, it is impossible to say if it was ever a scam.

Is the company Expertrating and the certifications offered a scam?

This year, I took a course with them. I can assure everyone reading this question, that this company is a real scam. You think they are established in the USA, but actually you will receive a cheap document from India, poorly printed, with a bad quality and ugly seal (printed as well). Few d ( Full Answer )

Bella hayees furnishing company- scam?

I couldn't find it listed. So I'd be careful. Remember, most places that offer you products at substantial discounts are going to rip you off.

Is Wealth Dispatch Offices a scam?

Yes, it is. In it the say they've some prize check for you, but need you to send them around thirty dollars so they can process and mail your check. You do, and then you either don't hear back from them, or they send you more requests for more fees, and keep doing so until you finally realize that y ( Full Answer )

Is Ryan Jackson's Automatic Wealth Solutions a scam?

Yes, it's a scam. You send him your money, and in return he gives you the secret to Automatic Wealth. Here's the secret to how "Ryan Jackson" gets wealth - he has people send him their hard earned money for nothing! Obviously if he had a real secret to wealth, he'd be busy doing that, not charg ( Full Answer )

Is Automatic Wealth Solution By Ryan Jackson A Scam?

I believe this is a scam. I just purchased their "unbelievable" product at an "unbelievable" price of $49.99, and none of the links they have sent me will work to access the members area. Please do not fall into this trap, as I have. I have already gotten the ball rolling on getting a refund for the ( Full Answer )

Is Automatic Wealth a scam?

Yes, it is. There is no such thing as "automatic wealth", and those who sent Ryan $49.99 were disappointed.

Is lombardi publishing company a scam?

No its not. You can visit or and contact customer service for a prompt response. . Lombardi Publishing takes the quality of our materials as seriously as we take our content; from concept - to print - to you. . Our objective is to help our c ( Full Answer )

Is Ryan Jackson and automatic wealth solutions a scam?

Yes, it is. When you send him the $49.99 for his scheme, you will not get back anything that will automatically create wealth for you. Please bear in mind that if Ryan Jackson had such a secret, he would not need to sell it, he'd already have "automatic wealth".

Is trafford a real company or a scam?

Trafford is a company of scammers from the top to the bottom. Even if you haven't submitted your book to them after the initial investigations on the phone beware giving them any initial money because when you request it back they will cite a myriad of reasons why they should withhold chunks of it f ( Full Answer )

Questnet is scam company?

It is a multi-level marketing company with numerous complaints of "failure to deliver products", "failure to refund", deceptive practices, overstating of potential earnings. Based on that, the opinion of a layman would be "Yes, it's a scam."

Is acceptance loan company a scam?

YES they are a MAJOR SCAM, they had property for rent, I thought I was renting it because all my paperwork states rental... but after my "lease" was finished due to them breaking the agreement by not fixing major things, they put it on my credit as a mortgage. I fought it in court and won and they s ( Full Answer )

What company is the Optima Futurance Consultants Inc?

I had my orientation yesterday with Optima Futurance Consultancy Inc. They offered me a job as health consultant in their newly-build company. They presented very attractive benefits which an applicant would crave to get the job . I think it is a job scam considering that their marketing strategy ar ( Full Answer )

Is Bankers Life and Casualty Company a scam?

No. Established in 1879 in Chicago, Bankers Life and Casualty Company focuses on the insurance needs of the retirement market. The nationwide company, a subsidiary of CNO Financial Group, Inc., offers a broad portfolio of life and health insurance retirement products designed especially for seniors. ( Full Answer )

Is it true that optima futurance consultants inc. is an illegal company?

Actually they are not illegal because they are registered with sec, BIR and other government agency but the thing is they are asking money to all applicants once they are done with the final interview it's actually 300p they said it's for the kit and module but come to think of it it's the company's ( Full Answer )

In your opinion is key wealth systems a scam?

Hi, I'm sorry but Key Wealth Systems is a SCAM. They don't give you what they offer in the web. The hook web offer make money filling surveys and other things. This is nothing in common with what they have on their site. It is just some info about how to use adwords and a site link to a market place ( Full Answer )

Is swesspharma a scam company?

no,i have been buying for a few years off them,they sell great products especially their Synthobolic Synthol

Are debt settlement companies all scams?

No, but most of them are. There are 2 kinds of these scams, the first is only done buy giving out a 20+ interest loan on the debt owed(often less money due to credit fees and even higher % apr on credit cards. the second is done by them telling u to simply not pay, and then they will take a fee to d ( Full Answer )

Is the Lombardi Publishing company a scam?

Two contributors have responded to the question. One is a customerand the other purports to be a representative of Lombardi. Theseare two opposing views and both must be considered to be opinionsrather than verifiable facts. Note to contributors: Other comments and experiences may be addedif they o ( Full Answer )

Is The Marketing Professionals a scam company?

They sell Verizon door 2 door, You only get paid if you sell & it's 100% commission pay. When u first get hired they tell you that you'll get paid 4 working but they're lying bcuz they fail 2 tell you if you don't sell u wont get paid. You use your own gas & pay your own tolls they even have you dri ( Full Answer )

Is the online income solution a scam?

I am sure that online income solution is scam cos they are asking money for joining. best way verify the scam site is whether it asking money or not, if they are asking money it means they are fraud. but there are some genuine income websites but they wont make you rich by night, you have to work ha ( Full Answer )

Is world wealth distribution office a scam?

I really think its a scam,if a oerson won an amount of money why would they be asking for 20.00 to process your so called entry number,also they cant gaurante you anything not even an answer

Is wealth facilitation department a scam?

I think it is a scam because I reciced a letter from them May 15, 2012 and they're asking for $20.00 to be sent to ADD P.O. Box 358Hewletr, NY 11557-0358. I wonder how many of us received this letter stating that we're ELIGIBLE to win $1,645,000.00 in guaranteed Cash & Prizes . If a million people w ( Full Answer )

Is the Wealth facilitator office of assistance disbursement a scam?

Yes, it is. They are typically claiming that they have some funds for you, a lottery or sweepstakes or anything else. And all you have to do is send them a fee for processing. If you do, you'll never hear from them again, or get that check.

Is auxil group company a scam?

Yes, this site is linked to the same IP address as numerous other sites that have been labelled as scams. I'd stay away from this site and any other sites offering such great returns in short periods of time. You get a prompt reply when you pay: Support: Hello. I confirm Your payment. Best ( Full Answer )

Is 'Life internet solutions' a scam?

No. It is a legitimate work from home opportunity. I am an online marketer. I have tried and tested many different opportunities for myself and to see if they will fit with other people. This program is simple to use but the catch is that it will require some work on your part. Cons: You may not re ( Full Answer )

Is clickingz it solutions a scam?

No, they are a reputed US company and I have got many sites developed for a lot less than I would be able to get it done locally in the UK.

Is the courier expert is scam company?

They ask for a fee to set you up ,ASk them if you can pay them out of your initial earnings ,the answer will be NO Total rip off, you will pay them the fee and earn next to nothing if anything.. If the scheme was anygood they would be more than happy to wait for you to earn enough to pay them their ( Full Answer )

Is Richbert marketing company a scam company?

MARKETING SCHEME The Marketing Scheme of the company is a market driven strategy in which it adopted the prevailing and existing strategies of local and locally based institutions. The marketing arm of RICHBERT MARKETING is devoted in providing better products and quality assured and accommodating ( Full Answer )

Is pacific tycoon container company a scam?

Pacific Tycoon is an asset management company that specializes ininvesting in shipping containers. They lease out shippingcontainers owned by private people who can either buy the shippingcontainers through them or elsewhere and then the owner of thecontainer is guaranteed a percentage of the profit ( Full Answer )

Is pacific capital companies llc a scam?

Yes they are. They will send you a credit card without you asking for it and it can be used by anyone. if you don't pay attention you will find that you have a debt made by someone else using the card without you knowing about it.

Is Noble Solutions a scam?

Yes! This company changes it's name frequently in order to get job seekers in the door only to scam us and waste our time. Noble Solutions was once called Poloris, and after that they changed it to The Henry Group. You can Google either one of those companies to see what people had to say. Or jus ( Full Answer )

Are the homes offered by Optima wealth solutions overpriced?

Home Wealth Solutions tell me they use different call centres togenerate leads and it seems like they have a large sales staff. Iwould say there is a good chance anything offered by Home WealthSolutions is overpriced.

Is Charterhouse Wealth Management a legitimate company?

I have invested through this firm for many years and have alwaysseen some excellent returns. They have always provided top notchinformation about the markets, given me direction and managed tocreate a portfolio for me that is benefiting my retirement in manyways... Edgar Cohen